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New BGM, Mirai sample on Madoka movies footage

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On a video probably from a Japanese anime related show, there are shown various scenes from the new Madoka movies (which will premiere worldwide in 18 cities of 8 countries and Japan) , and during it you can hear sample of the new ClariS song “Luminous”, brand new BGMs, Kalafina version of Credens Justitiam (probably “Mirai”) as well as a new sample of Magia [quattro]!! Enjoy!

thanks to grunty for the news!

[EDIT] Furthermore you can listen to a Magia [quattro] sample – out of Kalafina Club radio show – here (found in this blog)

thanks to Yurika-Chan !

3 responses

  1. Kagaribi no Hanabira says:

    Oh..I love Magia Quattro…>_____<. It has some different feeling and it's so nice&really matched the song&the anime…^ ^. But I doubt that I'll like Hikari Furu&Mirai if it's really the Kalafina version of Sagitta Luminous&Credens Justitiam,resp…- -"…let's wait&see….

  2. george1234 says:

    The second is for sure but we dont know about the first, we are just guessing that will be Kalafina version of Sagita Luminus since its the ending theme of the second movie, and in the anime in that scene Sagita Luminus was playing. But we will have to see for samples to figure out 🙂

  3. Adiey says:

    OMGGG!!!! my fav OST Credens Justitiam have a Kalafina version!! XD cant wait

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