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Yuki Kajiura Live vol #9 (Aug 31) & MUSIC ENERGY to be streamed


A very exciting news has surfaced! According to the Ustream dedicated pages,Yuki Kajiura Live vol #9 “3 days special” “Japanese song only Special” (August 31) & MUSIC ENERGY 2012 (August 30) are going to be streamed at Ustream!

You can watch the lives after you have: 1. made a Ustream account or have logged in using your facebook password, and 2. have bought a 1000Yen (for the YK live) and 500Y (for Music Energy) worth of digital ticket.

You can find more info about the 2 lives at out Future Events page, and details about the ticket purchases here. The Kajiura live is expected to start at 19:00 / 7PM Japan time.

  • MUSIC ENERGY 2012 Ustream page: here.
  • Yuki Kajiura Live vol #9 “3 days special” “Japanese song only Special” Ustream page: here.
  • Ticket info: here

Unfortunately it is confirmed that from the MUSIC LIVE 2012 stream, Sony’s participants (Kalafina, Haruna Luna) will be excluded from the streaming.

In other news, a Kalafina “to the beginning” Box containing a T-Shirt, a color wrist band, and a a pouch with zip fastening, and now on sale on CD Japan for 4800yen. Unfortunately only 5 of them have remained on store, [Purchase it from CD Japan!]

Thanks to Keiri for the lives and Spirica Rose for the box news!

[EDIT] Notes (thanks to Keiri): You need to purchase one viewing ticket for each stream – one for YK Live, and another one for MUSIC ENERGY if you’d like to watch both concerts. The videos will also be archived and you can view them later if you have paid for the live broadcast’s net tickets. If you haven’t bought the tickets for the live broadcast, you can still purchase tickets after the live broadcast has been streamed to gain access to the archived videos. If you bought tickets for the live broadcast, you can gain access to the archived videos without requiring to purchase another ticket for the archived videos. Last but not least, the streams aren’t region locked.

12 responses

  1. tabetemio says:

    Thank you for this wonderful news! definitely going to watch this.

    By the way, does this mean, Yuki Kajiura Live Vol 9 will have a high chance for a DVD?

  2. Virgil says:

    please record it please don’t have money …

  3. tabetemio says:

    I can do that. but I dont know any software I can use to record it.(-_-“). Maybe someone can suggest anything for a mac.. ^_^

  4. HimeWakana says:

    OMG!! great news *WWW* ONEGAIIIIIII record it!!!!!!

  5. george1234 says:

    According to this page there are various software. Fraps is the best but the free version allows you to record only 1.30 min. Then there are aTube Catcher, Camstudio, Taksi, MSI Afterburner

  6. ninetales says:

    “The Kajiura live is expected to start at 18:15 and finish at 19:00 Japan Time.”

    The official page says 19時~開演 which I translate as “concert starts at 1900”. Where is the above information from?

  7. ninetales says:

    That says “doors open at 18:15, show starts at 19:00”.


    Changed the information.

  8. Boblove321 says:

    I will be using NCH video capture , it’s free and does a very good job

  9. tabetemio says:

    looks like many will be recording it. thats great news! BTW thanks for the page george1234 and Boblove321. I’m still exploring whats the best and more importantly, free, I hope it goes well ^_^

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