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Kalafina new single “Hikari Furu” + Magia [quattro]

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The Kalafina official site has confirmed the rumour that was circulating the past few days. Kalafina will perform the Theme song of the 2nd Madoka Magica movie entitled Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica ~ Eien no Monogatari ~ which summarize the events of the 2nd half of the anime series, and will premier on October 13, 2012. The new song will be titled 「ひかりふる」 Hikari Furu (Light Falling) and the single release is set for October 24, 2012!.

There will be 4 version of the single:

  • Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)
    Catalog Number: SECL-1200
    Price: JPY 1500
    [Preorder from CD Japan]
  • Limited Edition B (CD+BD)
    Catalog Number: SECL-1202
    Price: JPY 1700
    [Preorder from CD Japan]
  • Regular Edition (CD ONLY)
    Catalog Number:SECL-1204
    Price: JPY 1300
    [Preorder from CD Japan]
  • Anime Edition (CD+DVD)
    Catalog Number: SECL-1205
    Price: JPY 1500
    [Preorder from CD Japan]

In addition, a remix of Kalafina’s song “Magia” that was used as Ending Theme of the anime series, has come to light with a new trailer for the movies. The new Magia is titled Magia [quattro] and seems to have strings addition. Also ClariS, the duo that performed the OP “Connect” for the TV series, will sing the theme song “Luminous” for the first movie “Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica ~Hajimari no Monogatari~”.

Below you can watch a trailer with 15sec and 30 sec samples of both Luminous and Magia [quattro]:

Thanks to Keiri, elcazador and Kowz for the news!

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  1. *p a p e r says:


    A new single! So many happy things from Kajiura-san these last couple of months *v*

  2. Loh says:

    thanks for the compilation of the advertisments. =)

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