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Happy birthday, Yuki Kajiura!

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August 6 is Yuki Kajiura’s birthday! If you would like to send her a message, please use her mailing form. She promises to read every message, and can accept messages in English or Japanese :). The forum at has prepared a little gift that’s in its final stages of production and we’ll be showing it off soon, so look forward to it here!

[EDIT] The present named Canta-per-me no Foodbook has been finalized and emailed to Yuki’s agent! You can download it from here (mediafire) or view it directly its PDF from here!

What’s more, Yuki has replied to all her non-Japanese fans that sent her presents via twitter (among them a team of Latin American fans, who made this video), with this twit:

Fion0806: “thank you all so much for your birthday wishes, and beautiful presents! (such treasures..!) I’m sooo happy. thanks!!

[EDIT 2] Yuki has made a series of twits (Click to view: 1, 2, 3, 4) targeting our present!

“thank you so much, for canta-per-me-net people, for your great recipe, and world-wide food book! thanks for your great effort!”

“i’d love to eat them all …..”

“お誕生日プレゼントに頂いたレシピブック、美味しそう〜ヽ(*^^*)ノ …”
(The cookbook I received as a birthday present, looks delicious~ ヽ(*^^*)ノ

“ああお腹減って来た〜 ”
(Aaah I got hungry~)

thanks to yuki.n for the translation of the japanese text quotes!

8 responses

  1. FxMacCobra says:

    Wouah ! I have just finished looking at the book and I am really impressed by the work done by everyone. You did so wonderful articles guys that I feel shame of my poor contribution. Good job again guys ! And more important : O tanjôbi omedetô gozaimasu, Kajiura-dono ! \o/

  2. HimeWakana says:

    sugoiii!! I love our foodbook!! It’s fantastic, really *WWW* Thanks a lot for your hard work!!! I

  3. Varete says:

    George, you e-mailed/twitted her the docx version, right?
    Well, she twitted the pdf I uploaded hours after you sent it to her. This is the proof she visited the site. Who knows, maybe the forum and the chat too.

    Anyway, I’m glad she liked it! 😀

  4. george1234 says:

    Yes I thought about the too, so that’s what must have happened ^^ The best is that I didn’t gave her link to the site, but only its name.

  5. Bob says:


  6. Kagaribi no Hanabira says:

    Congratulations CPMers…\(^0^)/. So pity that in those days, I was too busy to join the project. However, all effort from everyone is so awesome..!!! I’m so happy to know that Yuki likes it..;).

  7. george1234 says:

    @ All: Thanks You! ^_^

  8. crystalpink says:

    Yaay, I am so happy to see that Yuki loves the food book and all the food presented there \o/

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