FictionJunction 「distance」 & FJ YUUKA 「akatsuki no kuruma~ReTracks」

June 23rd, 2012

The first Gundam Seed episode featuring the new FictionJunction song 「distance」 as Ending Theme has been aired. It has not been announced yet how it will be released.

Also a few weeks ago, they aired the Gundam Seed episode featuring FictionJunction YUUKA’s “akatsuki no kuruma” ~ReTracks version, as Insert song. Even thought it’s part of the ReTracks series (like See-Saw’s anna ni issho datta no ni), no single release for it has been announced yet, so we can expect it to be either c/w song of FictionJunction’s single or be included on a future album release of the group. Enjoy!

6 Responses to “FictionJunction 「distance」 & FJ YUUKA 「akatsuki no kuruma~ReTracks」”

  1. Virgil Says:

    wow kaori and …

  2. Asuka Says:

    maybe distance will be release as one single and the new re-track akatsuki no kuruma will be join with a new re-track of mizu no akashi by rie tanaka like anna ni issho datta no ni was combined with shizukana yoru ni.

  3. Clytia Says:

    Oooo….I can recognise Ishida Akira’s voice in that GS excerpt. ^^

  4. FxMacCobra Says:

    For me, both videos are notified as private and I am not allowed to see them. It is normal ?

  5. george1234 Says:

    I had made them private to prevent Youtube from removing them. EDIT: Fixed, made them unlisted.

  6. Ri Says:

    Akatsuki no Kuruma~ReTracks sounds interesting. Amazing song with amazing scene.

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