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Yuki Kajiura to compose the Fate/Zero 2nd ED theme with new vocalist


According to excite anime, a new singer with Sony Music named Haruna Luna will be performing the 2nd Ending Theme of Fate/Zero (featured in the continuation of the anime this Spring), which will be composed by Yuki Kajiura!. The title of the song is not announced yet however.

Haruna Luna is also a model for the fashion magazine “KERA” (which often features Keiko of Kalafina/FJ too), and drew public attention as a finalist for the fourth Anime Song Grand Prix of Japan. Kajiura has reportedly praised her voice for its sense of presence. For more info, visit her official site, or her page on spacecraft.

Thanks to elcazador!

11 responses

  1. Virgil says:

    so her future lies with yuki kajiura for her debut song

  2. KP-X says:

    Generic voice, generic appearance…may the song not be generic as well.

  3. ninetales says:

    Hmm, this sounds interesting. Her voice reminds me of someone’s, but I’m not sure who…at the very least, she seems to have a little more power than Chiba Saeko or Minami Omi. Hopefully it’ll turn out well!

  4. Kagaribi no Hanabira says:

    Jump to here after I saw Yuki tweeted about the F/0 ED…oh..I’ve thought that it’ll be Kalafina, but no… Her voice is different from all of Yuki’s vocalists (at present)…interesting…. I expect for an upbeat fictionjunction-like style song..a kind of peaceful ballad is matched to her voice as well… I agree with Ninetales that her voice sounds more power than Chiba Saeko&Minami Omi… but not much outstanding.. I mean..not outstanding enough to be a new Yuki’s permanent vocalist…

  5. nohara19 says:

    i want to hear her voice, never did it before *-*

  6. george1234 says:

    ^ You ca do so by visiting her officail site.

  7. Inori Chan says:

    Hmmm! very interesting!
    Her voice is unlike anything from the Fic+Kal girls
    Maybe another solo Yuki colab :o?
    and this is a long time since Yuki actually used a new vocalist,
    moreover using her as fate/zero 2nd ending song.
    i think Yuki sama sees something in Luna chan 🙂
    we all just have to wait!!!! *cries cause Eternal Blue isnt even out yet*

  8. FxMacCobra says:

    It hears like Okina Reika for the tone of the voice.
    Wait and see (or hear) what she will do with Kajiura dono

  9. ross says:

    She and Yuuka and Hikaru can make a new girl band group under Kajiura production.
    called “Nasalina”

  10. Rio says:

    She and MAYA and Hikaru can make a new girl band group under Kajiura production.
    called “MAKANA” hahah

  11. ritardando says:

    @ Rio : ross meant to be sarcastic in her post. She meant that Haruna Luna, Yuuka, and Hikaru have a similar voice type, which is nasal-ey voice, so she named the group Nasalina -> Nasal-ey Kalafina. LOL so true, though 😀
    Don’t care about this song, though. Although kajiura made the song, but her voice is not my cup of tea. Hikaru and Yuuka still way better than her, imho.

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