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Yuki Kajiura Live vol.#8 & more Kalafina merchandise now at CDJapan!

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A few days ago, was announced via the FJC Mail to the FJC members that the Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#8 will have 3 concerts at 2 Japanese cities , Tokyo and Osaka, from March 16 to April 08, 2012. We are not sure if we should expect a BD/DVD release, though there hasn’t been one since volume 4.

  • March 16, 2012 at Tokyo (Shibuya Public Hall)
  • March 17, 2012 at Tokyo (Shibuya Public Hall)
  • April 08, 2012 at Osaka (Namba Hatch)

In other news, CDJapan has now made available another set of merchandise from last year’s events! They include tableware from Kalafina Cafe, and concert merchandise from the Nihongo Fuin Live (the one where they banned Japanese language songs XD). The T-shirts feature the official Kajiurago lyrics of ‘Mezame‘, while the bottles and tote bag show a couple lines from ‘Zodiacal Sign‘.

There are approximately 9 or 10 of each item in stock, and as usual with leftover event merchandise, the stock will not be refilled once they are sold out so if you know you want something, it’s best to order it ASAP!

In addition, ninetales last week translated 2 interviews, the first is the FictionJunction interview on Animate TV about Parallel Hearts (Click here to view) and the second is a Kalafina interview on Vinyl Syndicate, where they talk about clothes (Click here to view). You can also view a Yuki Kajiura interview on Anican Free about the “stone cold” single (Click here to view).

4 responses

  1. nohara19 says:

    omg, i want it to be relased as a BD/DVD T_T, it has been a long time since the last YK live DVD was relased u.u

  2. ZERO says:

    OMG!!! the shipping is so F**** expensive!!!

  3. past says:

    # April 08, 2012 at Nagoya (Namba Hatch)

    No Nagoya. Namba hacth is Osaka.

  4. Kerahna says:

    Thanks past 🙂

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