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『Fate/Zero』 Blu-ray Disc Box I with OST 1 announced!


The Fate/Zero official site has updated with the details for the first Blu-ray Box set that will contain the 13 episodes of the first half of the series and various un-aired cut scenes will be included in them. The episodes will have subtitles in English and Japanese. The Original Soundtrack vol. 1, composed by Yuki Kajiura will be bundled as a Bonus CD. Other Bonuses include Fate/Zero Animation Material (Interviews, production notes, and concept artwork), Trailer Collection (Album Vol.1, 2nd promo video), TV SPOT (7 CMs), Non-Credit Opening and Ending, and a Drama CD.The Box will be drawn by Takashi Takeuchi. The package will retail at ¥39,900 (tax included), and will be released on March 7, 2012.

Title: Fate/Zero Blu-Ray Disc Box I
Release Date: March 7, 2012
Product code: ANZX9431 ~ 9437
Price: ¥39,900 (tax included)
Video: 16:9 / HD widescreen / 1920 × 1080p / MPEG-4 AVC
Sound: Linear PCM (stereo) 48KHz / 24bit
Subtitles:English, Japanese
Preorder: CDJapan

Additionally, the October issue of LisAni! magazine features an interview with Yuki Kajiura x Gen Urobuchi, on the topic of their collaboration for the Fate/Zero soundtrack. The magazine can be purchased at CDJapan for those who are interested. 5 copies remain as of this posting!

Thanks to grunty for the news.

5 responses

  1. nohara19 says:

    OMG, that day is so far far away Q_Q

  2. Crow says:

    And that price is so very very expensive.

  3. HaseoHack says:

    but Kajiura-sama music deserves it, just wanna listen Fate with her music xD

  4. Ripples says:

    This is so expensive.. D:
    The soundtrack alone is enough, though I doubt they’ll release it a little more sooner than their cds’

  5. says:

    I wish the BD would offer better audio than just stereo. I’d like to see more anime studios record stuff in 5.1 …

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