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Kalafina Record cover & After Eden Interview


I just had to make this post after seeing the cover art for Kalafina Record RE! No news yet on the LE cover. If you still want a copy and haven’t ordered it, there are a few left for preorder from CDJ.

Regular – 8 left
LE (Small shirt) – 1 left
LE (Large shirt) – 6 left

Click the picture for a giant version courtesy of grunty 🙂 and here for more details about the book.

While we’re on the subject of merchandise, the Kalafina 2012 Calendar is also available on CDJ now. It was previously available from Amazon only.

And now, here is an interview (subbed!) from Kawaii Girl Japan, with Kalafina talking about their new album. Kalafina is their artist of the month, and you can enter to win an autographed postcard!

In other news, there is a mini-live announced for September 25 at Tower Records Umeda for people who purchased the After Eden album.

Also, they are starting to preview the songs from After Eden on Kalafina’s weekly radio show, Kalafina Club. This week they presented “Kugatsu”. Visit the forum for more information on how to listen in :).

2 responses

  1. doraemon says:

    Wakana’s Flowerhat on the left, Hikaru’s on right… Why Keiko doesn’t have hers in the middle…
    it would be EPIC!

  2. Razgriz says:

    Ahhhh Kawaiiii I want that album now!!

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