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After Eden album samples!!!


Today, Sony updated with samples for the songs of the 3rd Kalafina album After Eden, which is set for release in a week! Click here to listen to the samples.

Kalafina – After Eden
SECL-1014 (L.E: SECL-1012~3) | September 21, 2011
13 Tracks

Pre-order: Limited Edition (+DVD) | Regular Edition

Thanks to wlily for the tip!
And here’s another video from Kawaii Girl Japan XD

Additionally, we are looking for an editor to create the brand new merchandise section of our site! It will deal with concert goods, books (like Kalafina Record), calendars, etc. If you’re interested in the position, leave a message on this post or email kerahna at Click here for more details.

[EDIT] A special page for After Eden has been opened in the Kalafina site. Click here to see it!

13 responses

  1. manar says:

    Thnx. But I think I ll wail for the official release

  2. Rafael-sama says:

    After listening to it over and over again… I liked it! ^^

  3. Akurai says:

    The Songs are solid as ever. But… my first impression is, that I miss a certain power in the composition as well as in the melodies, which had always been a characteristic in Kalafina’s songs.
    Also too many ballads and calm songs for my taste.
    But let’s wait and see…

  4. george1234 says:

    ^ DIdnt you see in the video of the preview post that they said that this album would different from the previous 2 ?

  5. tracyalexia says:

    I love these samples…..all song are nice >w< About the merchandise,I can help a bit since I'm always shop online…..if you want to….

  6. Kerahna says:

    i don’t think any artist will ever say “this album will be just like the last one” XD but I’m excited for this one – my favorite song from the last one was “i have a dream” and this one seems to have a lot similar. Also I really love mune no yukue *_____*

  7. KP-X says:

    Seems nice, but there isn’t a single note-worhting ballad (I personally love snow falling but that’s my personal taste). Should I give up on your ballads, Kalafina?

  8. george1234 says:

    @ trancyalexia: Thanks for the help!~ You can help in finding merchandise for the section. Go to the thread (link provided in the newspost) and post the links that you will find ^^.

  9. Pa’ahana says:

    I agree with manar. I would rather wait and listen to the entire songs on the new cd. =D

  10. Jen says:

    I am also rather disappointed with the ballads. Where did the eras of Gloria, Serenato go?

  11. Yukia Rei says:

    The album sounds a lot happier this time around~.

  12. Michael says:

    Well i think this album really give us different impression, in the previous 2 albums, i can feel they’re singing about sadness, despair, but get up from it again and give hope to walk on, but in this album, i can feel they’re singing about how beautiful the world is, the flower, the trees, the river, owh really different impression, i fell in love with this album soon after i hear “eden, Neverending, sandpiper” and especially “mune no yukue” but i do miss majestic song like lacrimosa and storia

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