Kalafina staff Twitter account + Book preorder available

August 11th, 2011

Just a quick post today!

Sony has announced the launch of a Kalafina staff Twitter account. There isn’t much detail on what kind of content it will provide, but it should be interesting.

Additionally, the Kalafina book/magazine, Kalafina Record is now available for pre-order on CDJ.

Thanks to HIS MASK, we also found out that you can pre-order the 2012 Kalafina calendar from Amazon Japan! It will ship at the end of September.

2 Responses to “Kalafina staff Twitter account + Book preorder available”

  1. My_Nick Says:

    Did you know what have in this book?

  2. Kerahna Says:

    details in this post: http://canta-per-me.net/2011/08/kalafina-%e2%80%9cafter-eden%e2%80%9d-special-live-2011-kalafina-artist-book%e3%80%8ckalafina-record%e3%80%8d/

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