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Happy Birthday, Yuki Kajiura!!

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We are happy to announce that our project for the Birthday of Yuki Kajiura for the year 2011 is finished!

Ms Yuki Kajiura, we the community, again wish you a happy birthday and all the best in the upcoming year! Thank you and keep up the awesomeness!

Please click here to see the Present in full size ^_^

Credits for the present

  • Idea: CPM community
  • Collage: Zoakaiser
  • Fiction II cover scan: Yuki_n
  • Pictures, Happy Birthday Images:
    Participant Members

Participant Members

  • Kerahna
  • Liana
  • Kazado
  • Nick Hunter
  • Alphard Sokaina
  • Kenji
  • Zoakaiser
  • Raved
  • crystalpink
  • George1234
  • Phila
  • Konichi
  • Special_K
  • Yuki.n
  • KP-X
  • Tracyalexia
  • AYYX
  • Hime Wakana
  • Murrue 02
  • Kagaribi No Hanabira
  • Lulu
  • Bulmafox
  • PeachPitt321
  • Shadow Alex
  • Darkyle99
  • Wikkipan
  • 12 responses

    1. moichispa says:

      It is gorgeous!!

      Great B-day present

    2. cc says:

      Um “Mrs Yuki Kajiura”? I though she was still single? 🙂 I think you meant “Ms.” 🙂

    3. cc says:

      opps… correction “I think she is still single”. 🙂

    4. marishi says:

      why does the german text say “a lot of money for your birthday” instead of “a lot of luck” (which is the normal way of saying it) o_O Keep in mind that having lived in Germany, Kajiura might understand it.

    5. OOOyeh says:

      Its nice =)

    6. hikari says:

      its nice…. love it so much…especially the text of indonesia language… ^^
      wow… love it, love it, love it!!! XD

    7. faythsin says:

      it’s a great art! I’m sure Kajiura-san would like this a lot!

    8. Manar says:

      Happy birthday indeed.
      But when did you start working on it?

    9. george1234 says:

      About 1,5 month ago we started discussing what to make, then we ended up in the collage idea so everyone who wanted was sending his/her images to Zoakaiser and he made the collage ^^

    10. Kerahna says:

      lol george you called her a mrs! I fixed it though >_> and made the text less sappy

    11. crystalpink says:

      Aww, I’m not on the list although my pic is there D:

    12. Lanou says:

      Ooh!!! Il n’y a pas d’annonce à la Française! 🙁
      Hum, l’année prochaine je n’oublierai pas! Il y’en a qui aiment Yuki Kajiura, héhé! Une déesse de la musique, bon sang! Sa musique est la meilleure!! Joli montage!! Joyeux Anniversaire Yuki <3

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