After Eden Preorder Mousepad Designs

August 24th, 2011

Sony has released the designs for the mousepad that you will be getting with your After Eden preorder. Suspiciously, they gave the “better” mousepad to RE so I guess we all have to go buy that one too!

Design A (LE)
Design B (RE)

Pre-order: Limited Edition (+DVD) | Regular Edition
Note: Unlike the Madoka postcard, you WILL be getting these mousepads with your CDJ preorder. HMV orders are also valid, but NOT YesAsia or Play-Asia!

[EDIT] The official Kalafina site has updated for the promotion of After Eden and now it features a clip of the symphonia PV that is going to be included into the Limited Edition DVD. Click here to visit and watch it.

7 Responses to “After Eden Preorder Mousepad Designs”

  1. Yuki88 Says:

    Actually HMV has better offer with member discount 😛

  2. Kerahna Says:

    but their shipping costs twice as much…
    at least to north america

  3. Kerahna Says:

    mm it’s a 40 yen difference with shipping included, though I think HMV uses EMS the last time I used them so that might be good. My last experience with HMV they had massive fail issues though ;_; They changed the cost of my shipping twice after I placed my order (both increasing it…) and my preorder didn’t arrive until 2 months after release…

  4. raitei_shourai Says:

    Actually I still prefer the LE version, ‘new’ though the regular edition’s may be. I’m so excited for it to come out, it’s going to be epic~

  5. KP-X Says:

    I want the LE one, but I can’t afford it ;X

  6. Pa’ahana Says:

    I would love to get the LE, but even if I were to, the dvds would not work because I do not have a region 2 dvd player. I learned that the hard way with the Kagayaku single.

  7. Yuki88 Says:

    ^ I remember Magia’s DVD as all region, though 😀

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