After Eden Covers & LE Book Preorder

August 19th, 2011

The cover artwork for the new Kalafina album has been out for a few days so I’m making a post for those who haven’t noticed 🙂

SECL-1014 (LE: SECL-1012~3)
September 21, 2011
RE Cover | LE Cover [Click to Enlarge]
Pre-order: RE | LE

Also, just wanted to let you guys know that CDJ has now listed the limited editions of Kalafina’s book, Kalafina Record! The LE deluxe hardcover edition comes with a T-shirt and is is priced at 7500 JPY.
Kalafina Record RE
Kalafina Record LE [Small T-shirt]
Kalafina Record LE [Large T-shirt]

2 Responses to “After Eden Covers & LE Book Preorder”

  1. Manar Says:

    Thats amazing. And you re right I haven’t noticed.

  2. moichispa Says:

    So good

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