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Kalafina Anime Expo 2011 Interview


The Anime Expo Youtube channel has updated with an english subtitled video interview of Kalafina 😀 The girls talk about how they were formed (with a bit of lie), about their favourite song, and express their impression on the Madoka Magica anime. They also briefly advertise their 3rd album. Enjoy!

Also, aswe already metioned in the previous newspost, the 3rd Kalafina album titled After Eden will be released on September 21, 2011, and you can preorder its Limited Edition (CD+DVD) or Regular Edition (CD ONLY) from CDJapan. This way you will also support, since these are affiliate links 🙂

Thanks to tsuki for the interview tip!

8 responses

  1. virgil says:

    i wish they elaborated how there group was form to 4 members into 3 members. i want to know what really happened to maya ……..

  2. george1234 says:

    Guess we will never know XDD

  3. Razgriz says:

    Hoping someday I could go join them in live performance.
    Here in Thailand have no chance for ’em to come soon.

    @virgil yeah and they problably answer the same if you’d ask; Maya was a part-time member for Kalafina, not a full-time member.

    and I was wondering why is she not a full-time member?

    Great interview! Thanks

  4. virgil says:

    what happen to maya after she left kalafina?

  5. silsmile says:

    It’s so weird seeing Keiko so reserved after watching her perform. o.o

    I guess we’ll never know what really went on with Maya. -shrugs- Guess it’s for the best.

  6. silsmile says:

    Although, wasn’t Maya a part time member because she was still in school or something similar?

  7. FAN FAN FAN FAN FAN! =3 … they are all so dam beautiful! <3 Thankyou for posting this <3

  8. the greatest! There’s suddenly way more anime conventions in Michigan, near me, these days. I’m excited.|I get to go to my eleventh anime convention next month, I’m looking forward to it. =^_^=}

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