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Kalafina 3rd album 「After Eden」

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Today the Kalafina official site announced more details about Kalafina’s the 3rd album! It will be titled After Eden and it will be released on September 21!

Title: After Eden
Artist: Kalafina
Composition, arrangement, lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Release: September 21, 2011

What’s best, the Limited edition comes with a 40-page deluxe pamphlet and a DVD where will be included a PV of symphonia, as well as a documentary for the Kalafina visit to Anime Expo in Los Angeles this month.

Thanks to Yuki88 and grunty for the info

[EDIT] According to, there will be 2 editions of the album, Regular and Limited with the limited coming with the DVD.

Limited Edition (CD+DVD)
Product Code: SECL-1012~3
Preorder from CDJapan

Regular Edition (CD ONLY)
Product Code: SECL-1014
Preorder from CDJapan

Thanks to elcazador for the info

16 responses

  1. moichispa says:


  2. kalaffina says:

    can i faint now plz! *_*

  3. ninetales says:

    The title reminds me of the lyrics of Kyrie for some reason…

    Can’t wait for it ^_^

  4. Hishii says:

    OH MY!!! I can’t wait to get that album!!! XD I wish I could go to sleep and wake up on September 21 C:

  5. OOOyeh says:

    Cant wait >.<"

  6. manar says:

    this far, but i believe i can wait. there are some good stuffs ahead.
    many thanks for Yuki and the girls

  7. Kerahna says:

    It’s a pretty title :3 I hope theres more songs like “i have a dream”

  8. virgil says:

    keiko and wakana will be busy again after stone cold of fictionjunction

  9. Akurai says:

    yaay, I can’t wait! I’m so gonna buy the limited edition.
    … and the title is already a win :3

  10. crystalpink says:

    *wonders how much the limited edition is gonna be* @.@;;;;

  11. crystalpink says:

    Oooh, only about US$48.6807
    Dang, now, I gotta find a way to pre-order it from Amazon jp v.v;;;

  12. Razgriz says:

    So much to listen so little time!
    Can’t wait !… XD

    thanks for an update.

  13. julia says:

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! fast fast!! i wait for this!

  14. 555lia555 says:

    yeah ! I don’t want to wait !!! I love the title, I hope that there will be new songs. I love them it’s terrible… When they come in France,we are a lot of fan here. ^^

  15. Akira says:

    Yaiy!!!! At last new album is coming out!!!!! Feel so nervous…

  16. vividlycrazy says:

    so stoked saw em live in LA and going to see them live again in Tokyo this November!!!!!!!

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