Kalafina 3rd album 「After Eden」

July 25th, 2011

Today the Kalafina official site announced more details about Kalafina’s the 3rd album! It will be titled After Eden and it will be released on September 21!

Title: After Eden
Artist: Kalafina
Composition, arrangement, lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Release: September 21, 2011

What’s best, the Limited edition comes with a 40-page deluxe pamphlet and a DVD where will be included a PV of symphonia, as well as a documentary for the Kalafina visit to Anime Expo in Los Angeles this month.

Thanks to Yuki88 and grunty for the info

[EDIT] According to amazon.jp, there will be 2 editions of the album, Regular and Limited with the limited coming with the DVD.

Limited Edition (CD+DVD)
Product Code: SECL-1012~3
Preorder from CDJapan

Regular Edition (CD ONLY)
Product Code: SECL-1014
Preorder from CDJapan

Thanks to elcazador for the info

16 Responses to “Kalafina 3rd album 「After Eden」”

  1. moichispa Says:


  2. kalaffina Says:

    can i faint now plz! *_*

  3. ninetales Says:

    The title reminds me of the lyrics of Kyrie for some reason…

    Can’t wait for it ^_^

  4. Hishii Says:

    OH MY!!! I can’t wait to get that album!!! XD I wish I could go to sleep and wake up on September 21 C:

  5. OOOyeh Says:

    Cant wait >.<"

  6. manar Says:

    this far, but i believe i can wait. there are some good stuffs ahead.
    many thanks for Yuki and the girls

  7. Kerahna Says:

    It’s a pretty title :3 I hope theres more songs like “i have a dream”

  8. virgil Says:

    keiko and wakana will be busy again after stone cold of fictionjunction

  9. Akurai Says:

    yaay, I can’t wait! I’m so gonna buy the limited edition.
    … and the title is already a win :3

  10. crystalpink Says:

    *wonders how much the limited edition is gonna be* @.@;;;;

  11. crystalpink Says:

    Oooh, only about US$48.6807
    Dang, now, I gotta find a way to pre-order it from Amazon jp v.v;;;

  12. Razgriz Says:

    So much to listen so little time!
    Can’t wait !… XD

    thanks for an update.

  13. julia Says:

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! fast fast!! i wait for this!

  14. 555lia555 Says:

    yeah ! I don’t want to wait !!! I love the title, I hope that there will be new songs. I love them it’s terrible… When they come in France,we are a lot of fan here. ^^

  15. Akira Says:

    Yaiy!!!! At last new album is coming out!!!!! Feel so nervous…

  16. vividlycrazy Says:

    so stoked saw em live in LA and going to see them live again in Tokyo this November!!!!!!!

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