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FJ’s Hitorigoto sample + Kalafina animexpo setlist & interview


Today, JVC updated with the sample for the b-side of the stone cold single, hitorigoto. You can listen to it by clicking here. Its a jazzy song with KAORI as main vocal :). Yuuka Nanri’s single samples are also out

FictionJunction – stone cold
VTCL-35114 | August 3, 2011
Single (Sacred Seven OP)
4 Tracks
Preorder from CDJapan

In other news, yesterday was Kalafina’s concert at Animeexpo 2011 in Los Angeles, you can see the setlist by clicking below. You can also read this interview of them in English! 😀

Kalafina at Anime Expo 2011
July 2, 2011
Club Nokia, Los Angeles, U.S.A
11 Songs

Thanks to tsubasa for the sample, Kowz for the setlist, Keiri for the interview link !

14 responses

  1. cc says:

    Kaori again? Tsumaranai.

  2. nohara19 says:

    kaori again? kajiura is using kaori’s voice a lot :/, i must admit i’m getting borred because of that :/, i mean, it’s a group and kaori has been main vocals for gatherway, stone cold, eternal blue and now hitorigoto… at least wakana sings too (in stone cold and eternal blue) but, come on, their 4 girls! FOUR! and every single one of them can sing with a beautiful voice, but seriously, kaori again? -.-

  3. george1234 says:

    Its just that Yuki is in Kaori MODE, Just like she is in Wakana mode ever since Kalafina was found, and she get parts in all FJ songs too (either as chorus or main), and was in Keiko mode in Red Moon (Tetotetometome, Yami no Uta, Hoshi no Uta start) :p oh and Wakana sings in hitorigoto too, if you notice her lines in the sample are in japanese. 🙂

    Just remember how much Wakana was used the previous years (and nobody was complaining) Pandora Hearts, Kara no Kyoukai (she does chorus in movies 1 -main theme, was used across all movies- 4) Rekishi Hiwa Historia OST 1, Kalafina, and you can add up Sekai Setoyama since it was released last year in The Works for Soundtrack.

  4. nohara19 says:

    you’re right xD, anyway, i’d rather a little bit more of yuriko and keiko xD, btw in red moon i think she used a lot of wakana and hikaru (lacrimosa, harua wa ougon no yume no naka, i have a dream, kyrie, storia, progressive, fantasia) more than keiko xD

  5. ninetales says:

    Oh, Kaori…I was hoping for Keiko, like in Nohara. Well, maybe it’ll end up being better than it sounds right now >_>

  6. cc says:

    In general, Keiko and Yuriko are the most underused. In FJ, it’s mostly Kaori or Wakana. In Kalafina, it’s mostly Wakana or Hikaru. Sure, there was a period when we hear a little more of Yuriko and Keiko but even then, Kaori and Wakana got just as much lead time. It’s not like I don’t like Kaori and Wakana and Hikaru but seriously, in FJ, there’s also Keiko and Yuriko and in Kalafina, there’s also Keiko. Both Yuriko and Keiko are both very capable singers and lately, they have both been under utilised. I was thinking that since Stone Cold had so much Kaori and Wakana in it, that Hitorigoto will have more Keiko or Yuriko but from that sample, it’s once again more Kaori and probably Wakana too. It’s getting boring. Kajiura has a two other voices to use and I wish she would use them more since they are the furthest end of the range in FJ, she could do more interesting things with them. I’m beginning to get impatient.

    And George, you’re wrong. I was complaining that there was a lot of Wakana in previous years but just not on this site.

  7. cc says:

    I suppose I should be fair and wait for the full song to come out for both Hitorigoto and Eternal Blue but seriously, with the way it is right now, I’m not really that excited about the release of the Stone Cold single any more.

  8. Jen says:

    I actually feel that the use of Kaori is perfectly justified. I mean, she’s not in Kalafina and FictionJunction releases like 3 singles in 2 years?

    While I won’t complain if there was more Yuriko, her voice is generally not suited for the main vocals of a whole track. Instead, she is at her best when Kajiura gives her those accompanying lines like in the past 3 a-sides.

    For Keiko, she did have a whole load of solos in Red Moon and she also had the B-side for Toki no Mukou (which, pardon me, was rather bland). Plus, even when she’s not doing main vocals, her role is hardly ignored cause Kajiura likes to give her a lot of counter-melodies (Fairytale, Hikari no Senritsu) which do stand out. So its not that hard to hear Keiko, really.

  9. tracyalexia says:

    My opinion is that stone cold is very nice but for eternal blue…I hope the full song is more “balance”…I mean more the others voice….I love hear Kaori sings too but for some type of song like Fake Wings,her voice just seems not so suitable….The Emily version is more better. Yuriko actually doing a lot of second voice,aren’t she? I like her singing like opera singer….I’m kinda disappointed about hitorigoto,I expect that the main vocal will be someone else…but then,is Kaori again? Keiko,I can’t hear her voice much in these new songs….. T^T

  10. crystalpink says:

    Ooh, I’m hoping that Yuki will put Keiko as main vocal not with her famous deep and strong voice like in Red Moon. I want to hear more of Keiko in deep but soft voice like in Kaze no Machi he. That song is so pretty and her voice sounds different than usual. I really really want to hear Keiko sings as the lead vocal with that kind of voice, deep and soft ♥ ^-^

  11. tracyalexia says:

    I agree with crystalpink…I want to hear that soft deep voice of Keiko again too! Your suggestion is great,Crystalpink XD

  12. virgil says:

    i think there were no under used for example kaori is a fictionjunction member which is unique when it comes to kalafina hikaru see the difference the recognition of the group ….. there voice is different from one another about wakana .. if my memory is right one of the interview yuki said that wakana voice is like a goddess that can range from low to high and vice versa thats why she is singing with kaori and with hikaru always .. keiko well have low deep voice that’s why is hard to recognize her voice in yuki’s work but if you listen carefully you can heard her voice from the start up to the last because she is supporting the voice of the main vocals like wakan kaori and hikaru i think she the only member who sings from the start up to the last without stopping like the others and also she is like the duet version of the song high like wakana and kaori or hikaru then keiko and as for yuriko well she is yuki signature voice … singing always kajiuran lyrics and have own part in refrain of the songs and gives mysterious melody in the song .. there voices have chemistry … well it’s up to yuki’s how she creates the song

  13. cc says:

    Well… I still want Yuki to use Yuriko and Keiko more. This song is 6 mins long. While I’m not asking for us to go back to the days of FJ ___ and FJ ___ but lately, Keiko and Yuriko have only been getting snatches. They aren’t just there to be support singers and in the past, they’ve proven that they can be used to lead, sing stanzas, open songs, end songs etc. I like it very much when Yuriko or Keiko gets that line or counter melody or bridge because it really makes it stand out even more. But occasionally, I would like to hear them get more than just a line or two and seriously in this song, which is 6 mins long, they don’t even get that. Singing background all the way… seriously, you can’t say that’s the same as getting a stanza or leading a song. It’s not like I don’t like Kaori, Wakana or Hikaru. I like them loads but I want variation too and I don’t want any of them to end up being used simply as a support singer only.

  14. cc says:

    p.s. this song is 6 mins long meaning Stone Cold, since I’ve decided to reserve judgement on Hitorigoto since it’s only a sample and I can still hope that there’s more than just about Kaori and Wakana in the song.

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