Kalafina 3rd album announced!!

June 13th, 2011

A picture of the newest issue of FJC membership report from twitter confirms it: The 3rd Kalafina album is going to be release in Autumn. No more news have been announced yet. Here’s the image:

Even though it looks strange, since only 2 singles (Kagayaku Sora no shijima ni wa, Magia) and symphonia TV size have been released since Red Moon, this breaks the 2 albums curse of Chiba Saeko and FJY!

thanks to elcazador!

[EDIT] The information is now also officially confirmed by the Sony Music Kalafina page. 🙂

16 Responses to “Kalafina 3rd album announced!!”

  1. PrincessNina Says:

    OMG???…..hehehe i’m gonna faint * nose bleed* *soo happy*

  2. Kerahna Says:

    great news!

  3. george1234 Says:

    I agree!

  4. murrue02 Says:

    ooohhh. .a new album

  5. fun Says:

    i hope yuki sama can produce more songs for FJ
    rather than kalafina 🙁

  6. Tsukinohime Says:

    I agree with Fun.
    Flying Dog should give more projects to FJ or better yet, Sony should get FJ.

  7. Kagaribi Says:

    I think it isn’t so strange..they’re supposed to have 3rd Single for Fate/zero, or it can be the main theme of the album..I smell the LE with DVD containing their live perf and/or documentary in LA..XD.

    By the way..the 2nd album spell will be broken!!! \(^o^)/

  8. lei Says:

    woot woot woot
    it’s time to save money… XD

  9. Lin-D2000 Says:

    “Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni” Kalafina Version in the New Album!!

  10. george1234 Says:

    ^ as far as I know covers are not inlcuded in normal albums, but only in cover album.

  11. Manar Says:

    There is something about Yuki’s music. It makes you partly addicted. I thought it was just me but whoever I give some samples of her works they caught under her spell tool.

    Cant wait the release date and good job both Yuki and the Kalafina’s girls.

  12. odayakana_shizukesa Says:

    Haven’t been to this site in awhile but such awesome news~! I’ll definitely be getting my hands on this for sure!

  13. Moonie.04 Says:

    Can I ask what the second album spell is..? XD Just so curious about it… And GREAT NEWS by the way… I hope this would be the “First” Kalafina Album I’ll ever buy… and may it be in LE as well… >_<

  14. george1234 Says:

    The curse was that every of Yuki’s projects ends with 2 albums: See-Saw old era (See-Saw, I have a dream), See-Saw new era (Early Best, Dreamfield), Chiba Saeko (Melody, Everything), FictionJunction YUUKA (destination, circus).

  15. Therese Says:

    Just when I’m thirsting for more kalafina… this news appeared! and what a great news it was! Another reason to live… XD For Fun and Tsukinohime, I think Kalafina deserves this… oh, they’re such a wonderful group… too many epic songs… More Kalafina projects please! :DD

  16. RexxarLoh Says:

    YEAH!!!!! I’m lookin forward to this. =) A new motivation to endure the troubles in life.

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