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Yuki Kajiura to compose for Fate/Zero anime

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Yuki Kajiura just announced via her twitter that she will be composing for Type Moon’s Fate/Zero anime. The above info is now also confirmed by the official site’s staff page here.

The anime is produced by ufotable with:

Director: Ei Aoki
Original creator: Gen Urobuchi
Original Character Design: Takashi Takeuchi
Character Design: Atsushi Ikariya &Tomonori Sudou

Aniplex is also involved. Click the links to visit the anime’s official site and the ANN page for the anime.

Guess we can have high expectations for this project 😀
Thanks to Yuki88 for the news!

While we’re on the subject of Yuki’s twitter account, she also announced a twitter event for Fiction II, to be held on Saturday May 7 at 21:00 JST. At 21:00, everyone presses “play” and tweets their thoughts on the album, and there will be a one-hour Q&A session afterwards. Instructions

On a side note, we would like to correct some information we had posted in a previous news post about “Taikan! Great Nature!“. With a more careful read of the blog post entry, we found out that Yuki’s not composing the whole music for the documentary, but only the OP Theme.

14 responses

  1. Mikiri says:

    Yes!!! My dream finally came true!!!!
    Hopefully this will be epic like Kara no Kyoukai. And I would be even happier if Kalafina sings the OP and ED theme song.

  2. My_Nick says:

    I still don’t believe it…. Yuki + Gen again… And now plus Type Moon!!

  3. KP-X says:

    Takashi Takeuchi – never have I seen so many recicled designs lol

    Oh yeah, that’s awesome news. I just hope they hire the SAME sound director as the one from KnK, then I would be truly happy.

  4. Kerahna says:

    OMG wow!!! that is great news <3 i was getting kind of sad our "upcoming works" section was so empty

  5. oHellJungo says:

    this is such an awesome gift in this year!

  6. Sorans says:

    WHAT ?????? Yuki Kajiura composing for Fate/Zero *w* ?


  7. murrue02 says:

    fate/stay night has been one of my favorite animes and now lovely yuki is doing the music for it’s prequel fate/zero! waaaiii! i can’t wait for it! XD

  8. HIS MASK says:

    /me has come here for sheet music page update and is shocked right now

  9. nohara19 says:

    omg, i want kalafina or FJ to sing the op/ed single >.< or both xD

  10. math4origami says:

    btw kalafina is going to ax.

  11. ABC says:

    <3 <3 <3

  12. Razgriz says:

    This Anime is gonna Rocks!

  13. virgil says:

    i hope FictionJunction will sing in this anime specially in opening and ending theme song hehe more kaori at keiko

  14. george1234 says:

    ^ no way, its a Sony anime, it will be Kalafina or someone else.

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