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Kalafina at Anime Expo 2011 in Los Angeles

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It has just been announced that Kalafina will attend and perform at Anime Expo this year! They will join Vic Mignogna and Danny Choo as the Guests of Honor.

The live concert will be on July 2, the second day of the convention, at Club Nokia. They will also be holding a meet-and-greet, autograph session, and focus panel. Click here for more details on the event.

This is Kalafina’s second visit to the US (after Anime Boston in 2009), and first time at Anime Expo. For Yuki Kajiura, it will be her second time at Anime Expo, having performed there with Emily Bindiger in 2003 (it hasn’t been confirmed that Yuki is going, but we are going to assume she is!).

The convention will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, on July 1-4.
If anyone is planning to go this year, let us know in the forum!

Thanks iheartcurry and Kowz!

7 responses

  1. Kowz says:

    Is it confirmed Yuki is going too?

  2. Kerahna says:

    They didn’t say but i can’t imagine her not going!

  3. george1234 says:

    That’s great news!! 😀

  4. murrue02 says:

    she’s going isn’t she how cute news

  5. Moonie.04 says:

    Their live show is Hikaru’s birthday… Cute! XD

  6. 555lia555 says:

    I’m so jealous, me too I want a concert in France, it’s unfair !!! ^^ (their are so many fan in Europe)

  7. Hello. fantastic job. I did not expect this. This is a excellent story. :-)Thanks!

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