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RHH OST II coverart + Lyrics update

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CDJapan has updated with the coverart of the upcoming Rekishi Hiwa Historia Original Soundtrack II 😀

Rekishi Hiwa Historia Original Soundtrack II
SECL-962 | April 13, 2011
26 Tracks

In addition, we have recently updated the site with a new lyrics format, which allows us to feature Kanji in the songs with Japanese lyrics. 🙂 (thanks to Sudrien).
How to use: Click on “Kanji”, “Romaji” or “English” to arrange the columns the way you wish them to appear. The format is currently available for Cazador del amor, Akatsuki no Kuruma, Magia, snow falling and Gatherway. I (george1234) will be updating the pages daily (1-2 per day), and will post notifications via shoutbox and/or the site updates (twitter). I have also placed an explanation text at the top of the Lyrics & Song Info section. We hope you like it 😀

4 responses

  1. nohara19 says:

    can’t wait for this ost *-* the first one is beautiful

  2. Thiago says:

    That was awesome!

    But I have a suggestion: why not include Kajiuran that’s in songs like “Everlasting Song”, “Kaze no Machi he” and many other amazing songs?

  3. nohara19 says:

    perhaps the kajiurago lyrics in those songs can’t be heard clearly or something like that :/

  4. Thiago says:

    Yeah, I know that is hard to hear it properly, but if we hear close enough (with headphones, in my opinion) we can get some “clear” words that we can try to transcode into an understandable stuff. Listening to Everlasting Song, for example, I got this:

    “Canta soma rivia
    arista vivo ria dora morte viri o adeita adora i sorta mia
    Canta soma rivia
    arista vivo ria dora morte viri o adeita i sora iva mia

    I adora e soma ivia
    sorte ista mio ii meta mio morte viria meta
    adora istorta mia

    Canta soma rivia
    arista vio ria dora morte mia deta
    sorte ii miri a”

    *where was to be the sound of “L”, I use the sound “R” – if you know what I mean

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