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Quake report from Kajiura


As you may already know, there was a massive earthquake in Japan earlier today, with hundreds of deaths reported as of now. This is just a post relaying a twitter post from Yuki Kajiura reassuring us that she, the Kalafina and FJ girls are all fine (except Yuriko who hurt her finger).


We send our best wishes to everyone affected by the disaster.

Donations: Red CrossGlobal GivingOxfamCARE

14 responses

  1. Ficjo says:

    es un alivio!!!!!!

  2. nohara19 says:

    god, the first thing i thought when i saw it in the news was “please, not in tokyo D:” and then a woman said “tokyo was one of the most damaged areas” this was my face:×342/2/93/94/68/omg-copia-1.png
    then i ran to the computer and read in the chat box that yuriko had hurt his finger, and i calm down a little xD, but, all that people T_T, they had a horrible moment u.u

  3. nohara19 says:

    btw, Ficjo said “it’s such a relief” ^^

  4. Haruka says:

    Oh good the artist are all right one is injured but I’m just so glad their not really hurt.

  5. nohara19 says:

    what about yuri kasahara, hanae tomoaru, etc etc?

  6. Razgriz says:

    Oh God I’m relief!!! I was so worried last night about Yukisama and the rest of the team.
    God Bless them and Be safe to everyone in Japan.

    Yurikosan~ I hope you get better soon ><" (Praying Hard)

  7. Ficjo says:

    Nohara,”es un gran alivio” means that you are well peace

  8. hikari says:

    i pray for them for to be save.
    rhanks god! they still alive…..
    i hope kajiura-san and kalafina, and FJ get better soon

  9. Dario says:

    歌姫ズはご無事でよかったです。I’m very worried about Japan’s future…

  10. Sabrina says:

    Like everyone else, I’m relieved to learn that Kalafina is alright and I thank the person who posted the news. Otherwise, I don’t know where I could’ve gotten the information. When I learned about the earthquake, it struck me. I don’t know anyone personally in Japan, but I’m going into East Asian studies next fall to learn more about the Japanese culture and somehow, I feel very concerned by what happened. It’s a gnawing feeling.

    And Dario, to be honest, although the dammage done to the country must be important, Japan is lucky to have a strong economy. No doubt that the Japaneses will rise once again, unlike the Haitians that still deal with the aftermath because many of them are so poor.

    Oh and of course, I encourage everyone to donate. The Red Cross is a reliable organization, for exemple.

  11. Dario says:

    Hi everyone, I personally have many friends who live in Japan and most of all my boyfriend who lives there, he’s japanese. I phoned him in japanese just after the tsunami had struck the Fukushima prefecture, Fortunately he lives in Osaka so he’s fine but he told me that people are getting crazy going to buy stuff in supermarket, they don’t have water anymore so I told him to stay in home safe also because of the nuclear risk…I’m so worried I’ve been crying since friday…I can’t watch TV anymore, I live in Italy so I’m pretty far from Japan, but still I feel so close to them.

  12. george1234 says:

    Same here. Even though I havent gone to japan, dont know japanese, and dont know anyone in Japan, the country’s situation has made me so much woried 🙁

  13. Anni says:

    Thank god that all of you are all right, I will continue to pray for Japan, BE STRONG JAPAN!!! I hope Kajiura’s music will continue to give you strength!!

  14. ruxhii says:

    THANK GOD !! i was really really worried .. :”D i hope Yuriko-san will be ok now ..

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