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Kalafina – Magia LIVE

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Back in December, Kalafina performed the full version of Magia at LisAni! Live 2010 before it was ever heard on TV! Now the full concert has been aired on TV for everyone to see. Check it out before Sony takes it down! I wonder why it’s called “promotion” when it’s on TV, but “piracy” when it’s on youtube? If you haven’t bought the CD yet, you can still pre-order all three versions although the First Press editions have sold out long ago (it will ship a couple days after release). Remember, pre-orders will contribute to Kalafina’s Oricon rankings! 🙂 And you’ll be supporting our site too.

But the spirit lives on… if you know where to look

Regular Edition
Limited Edition
Anime Edition

We now also have affiliations with Play-Asia and YesAsia too!

Thanks to tokyostateofmind

8 responses

  1. Rafael-sama says:

    EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC. Did I already said it is epic? xD

  2. george1234 says:

    Yes, in the shotbox :p

  3. shin says:

    /me nosebleeds

  4. nohara19 says:

    oh my god…. it’s so.. magic xDDD

  5. nohara19 says:

    i have just realized… that user has kagayaku sora no shijimi ni wa live version with hikari no senritsu o.o!!

  6. Yuki88 says:

    “I wonder why it’s called “promotion” when it’s on TV, but “piracy” when it’s on youtube?”

    Actually it’s because the Japanese have to pay for the TV channel.

  7. HomuMado says:

    OMG! Amazing! Can’t really wait for the actual thing as well as the PV! I love Magia! I love Kalafina! I love Yuki Kajiura!

    By the way… Does anyone have the link to the full live event? I really wanna watch everything! I did search but no luck so far.

    @Rafael-sama: Yes it is indeed epic! Really epic! And don’t forget… IT’S EPIC! XDDDDD

  8. Yukia Rei says:

    It got taken down? Good thing I ripped the 720p before they did!

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