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Kalafina – Magia Interview [subbed]


Here is an *adorable* interview posted a few days ago by Kawaii Girl Japan. They talk about each other, singing, and the new Magia single. We don’t normally post interviews in news but this one was subbed in English just for us, the English speaking audience XD! For a huge list of translated and nontranslated interviews, check out our interviews section.

Magia will be released on the 16th of this month, and CDJapan has already shipped preorders!
If you still haven’t ordered a copy, now’s your chance :).

8 responses

  1. Kerahna says:

    I didn’t know hikaru was the oldest! she always seemed like the youngest to me XD

  2. My_Nick says:

    omg, im laughing hard xD

    And how old are Hikaru?? o.o
    I was thinking that she was… less than 20.. And Wakana up to 30 O__O

    Someone know their real ages?

  3. george1234 says:

    Hikaru says she’s the oldest of her siblings (off her family , not out of the Kalafina members). Hikaru is Born July 2, 1987, Wakana Born December 10, 1984, Keiko Born December 5, 1985 . So H is 23 (same as my brother lol), W is 27, K 26 🙂

  4. Yuki88 says:

    “Hikaru says she’s the oldest of her siblings”

    and both Wakana and Keiko are the youngest of their siblings XD~

  5. My_Nick says:

    That’s now makes sense xD
    Keiko and Wakana are by the same age, Keiko seems so much younger.

    And at first I doesn’t like much Hikaru, for being new i think, but after know that her “hobbys” are sleep and walk i’m her fan xD

  6. Razgriz says:

    Oww They are all so adorable..
    .. but where is Yukisama !!

  7. george1234 says:

    she’s not member of the group so she has no reason to appear.

  8. anna laser tandblekninng says:

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