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Fiction & RHH II tracklists

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JVC just announced the tracklisting for Fiction II! Here it is:

Yuki Kajiura – Fiction II
VTCL-60245 | March 30, 2011
14 Tracks


  1. in this winter (FICTION ※new recording) [1:28]
  2. the image theme of XenosagaⅡ (XenosagaⅡ ※new recording) [5:30]
  3. lotus (※unreleased work) [5:54]
  4. my long forgotten cloistered sleep (※unreleased work of Xenosaga) [5:52]
  5. I swear (※unreleased work) [6:18]
  6. forest (El cazador de la Bruja OST 1) [5:01]
  7. Sweet Song (Xenosaga II ending theme) [5:29]
  8. E.G.O. (Aquarian Age ※new recordin) [4:42]
  9. everytime you kissed me (PandoraHearts) [4:56]
  10. I reach for the sun (El cazador de la Bruja OST2) [5:57]
  11. L.A. (El cazador de la Bruja OST2) [4:06]
  12. March (※unreleased work) [3:36]
  13. heigen (※unreleased work) [5:28]
  14. maybe tommorrow (Xenosaga III ending theme ※new recording) [5:51]

Old recording:Tracks 06,07,09,10,11
New recording:Tracks 01,02,08,14
New song:Tracks 03,05,12,13
Previously unreleased:Track 04

Additionally, Sony Music Shop has updated with the Rekishi Hiwa Historia OST II tracklisting (but no cover yet!) which can be viewed in the Discography entry. It’s also available for pre-order at CDJapan.

Thanks to Yuki88 and grunty for the info!

[EDIT] Updated with track lenths for both releases. Thanks to grunty and Kazado.

17 responses

  1. My_Nick says:

    OMG, new recording of the image theme of XenosagaⅡ!!! I just never get tired of this song *__*

    But the others will the same of the osts? Of it will be singed again?

  2. My_Nick says:

    Oh sorry, I just saw the “old recording here”, sorry, my bad =X

    I’m not the best fan of the songs 06,07,09 and 10… But if they were new recording… ;-;

  3. moichispa says:

    OGM So good I can’t wait for it!!!

  4. shin says:

    no key of the twilight new recording T_T

  5. george1234 says:

    there is new recording of that but elsewhere (disc 2) 😀

  6. Kerahna says:

    really looking forward to the new songs and XS2 image theme! <3

  7. Ficjo says:

    OMG i need the secret song of tsubasa tokyo revelations

  8. george1234 says:

    It wont be in this one. Maybe in some future The Works for soundtracks vol 2 XD

  9. ZERO says:

    PERFECT!!! She must have really hated the original “winter”…. Wish I knew all the vocalists.

  10. george1234 says:

    If she hated it she wouldnt be putting it in the first Fiction in the first place. She just thought it needs some changes, i think.

  11. My_Nick says:

    Maybe because she liked it, she want to work on the music again… Dont know, just thinking

    Like the image theme of XenosagaⅡ, there are tons of versions of this song, i dont think she hated all these xD

  12. Tarryl says:

    COOL! I totally called the “unforgotten cloistered sleep” song as one of the unreleased tracks!! this is going to be a GREAT album!!!

  13. ZERO says:

    I hope these are all different mixes than the originals. FICTION didn’t have a single song that was the same as its previous release.

  14. KP-X says:

    ^Old recording:Tracks 06,07,09,10,11
    Guess that means those songs are the same as before.

  15. ZERO says:

    But recording is different from remixing.

  16. KP-X says:

    Personally, I see nothing out of ordinary in having new mixing. New recordings, now that’s something better.

  17. ZERO says:

    Well, if I’m gonna buy an album, I’d rather get something I don’t already have exaclty the same.

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