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Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa Covers!


The covers of Kalafina’s new single has been released today (minus the anime edition cover), and they look stunning!

SECL-903 (lim: SECL-901, anime: SECL-904) | September 15, 2010
Single (Kuroshitsuji II Insert)

  1. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa
  2. adore
  3. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa ~Instrumental~

The regular edition is on the left, and the limited edition is on the right. Click on the images for a larger view! The LE will contain a DVD with the PV, and the anime edition (not pictured) will have some Kuroshitsuji-related bonuses.

Thanks to elcazador, Yuki88, Kazado, and grunty! (I’m hotlinking your images because I have no internet connection at home and am doing this through wireless iPod >_<)

6 responses

  1. Pathetique says:

    Wow .. WooooooooooooooW !!!
    Looks Gorgeous !!!!! I can’t Wai~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~t ><"

    Kalafina BANZAI xD
    Thank you guys

  2. None - half says:

    I wait for this song…..
    Thank you… >o<!!!!!!

  3. […] to canta-per-me, the anime edition will contain additional Kuroshitsuji II-related bonuses. The single covers look […]

  4. snow yuki says:

    why i can’t find this cover in google?

  5. snow yuki says:

    where i can find kagayaku sora no shijima ni wa’s song?

  6. george1234 says:

    Sorry but the single hasnt released yet, it releases September 15, for n ow you can only watch the PV. And please look around the site more before you ask something ^^ (since the date of release was methioned)

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