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New Kalafina song: Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa, + Kalafina Hong Kong visit

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After a few days of rumors, Sony has confirmed that Kalafina will be performing an insert song for the upcoming anime, Kuroshitsuji II. Kalafina had performed the ending theme for the first season, Lacrimosa, last year. The new song is titled 輝く空の静寂には (Kagayaku sora no Shijima ni wa). However, they have not yet confirmed whether this song will be published as a single. Hopefully more details to come!


In addition, Kalafina will do a second visit to Hong Kong (the first was during the Asia Tour): They are invited and will perform at the Heatbeat Band Sound Competition 2010 together with other artists. Furthermore, as Sony announced, they will do a Red Moon concert , called Kalafina LIVE 2010 “Red Moon” in Hong Kong on August 6 (which is by coincidence Yuki’s birthday 🙂 ). You can find more information about both events at the Future Works/Events page of the site :).

10 responses

  1. Tsukishiro_Yuki says:


    Can’t wait!

  2. jellyfish says:

    Also, according to Kuroshitsuji’s website, it’s “shijima”, not “seijaku”.

  3. Yuki88 says:

    it’s Shijima.

    輝く空の静寂(しじま)には/ Kalafina (SMEレコーズ)

  4. george1234 says:

    The rumur again had to false points XD , 1) Its not the ED, 2) It has different title, not Vespertine XD

  5. 03Azami says:

    Wai~ New song! =D

  6. Jessica says:

    Already? Damn that means I have to buy this, alng with Kanon Wakeshima’s album. Can’t wait to hear it. : )

  7. Judson says:

    This make me really regret coming to US (partially). I was originally from there and I can’t make it. When are they gonna do west coast concert?

  8. Razgriz says:

    A very good news, indeed.
    but I’m begining to worried… about their health because it looks like they almost had never stop for a brake! I hope they are all well and happy.

    Please take care of yourself.
    Your music meant a lot for me and everyone here, I’m sure.

  9. Sanc.quE says:

    vespertine was such a cool name. Hopefully there will be another song in that single/album thats titled vespertine XD

  10. hellrei says:

    I hope Kajiura-sama will be there, too~ <3

    @Razgriz: Are you "the Razgriz" I know? o.o

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