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New Yuki Kajiura Sheet Music: Intermediate/Hard Piano Solo + Easy Piano Solo vol 2

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A new sheet music book will be released on February 25, 2010, with 17 arrangements for more advanced players than the previous sheet music collection. It can be preordered now at HMV Japan.

Title: Yuki Kajiura Intermediate/Hard Piano Solo (book)
Release: February 25, 2010
ISBN: 978-4-401-02310-3

Songs will include:

  • Kalafina – Hikari no Senritsu
  • Kalafina – Storia
  • FictionJunction – Parallel Hearts
  • FictionJunction YUUKA – Honoh no Tobira
  • FictionJunction YUUKA – Akatsuki no Kuruma
  • See-Saw – Anna ni issho Datta no ni
  • Kalafina – oblivious
  • See-Saw – Yasashii Yoake
  • See-Saw – Obsession
  • FictionJunction YUUKA – Silly-Go-Round
  • FictionJunction YUUKA – Piano
  • FictionJunction YUUKA – cazador del amor
  • See-Saw – Senya Ichiya
  • See-Saw – Chao Tokyo
  • FictionJunction KEIKO – Kaze no Machi e
  • canta per me
  • salva nos

Thanks to Chibi-Chibi for the news!

[EDIT] According to the Shinko site, on the same date will be also released the 2nd volume of the Easy Piano Solo: Yuki Kajiura Works Collection 🙂 with 21 arrangements. It can also be purchased at HMV Japan.

Title: Easy Piano Solo: Yuki Kajiura Works Collection Vol. 2
Release: February 25, 2010
ISBN: 978-4-401-02309-7

Songs will include:

  • Kalafina – Hikari no Senritsu
  • Kalafina – Storia
  • Kalafina – Progressive
  • FictionJunction – Parallel Hearts
  • Melody
  • FictionJunction – Kioku no Mori
  • FictionJunction YUUKA – nostalgia
  • FictionJunction YUUKA – Hitomi no Kakera
  • FictionJunction YUUKA – nowhere
  • FictionJunction YUUKA – Yakosoku
  • FictionJunction YUUKA – aikoi
  • FictionJunction YUUKA – cazador del amor
  • FictionJunction KEIKO – Kaze no Machi e
  • FictionJunction YUUKA – angel gate
  • FictionJunction YUUKA – Piano
  • See-Saw – Obsession
  • See-Saw – Kioku
  • See-Saw – Jumping Fish
  • See-Saw – Tsuki Hitotsu
  • See-Saw – Chao Tokyo
  • See-Saw – Kirai ni naritai

thanks to oolong for the information!

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  1. moichispa says:


  2. oolong says:

    According to Sinko Music site,
    Easy Piano Solo Vol.2 will also be released on the same date.

  3. george1234 says:

    thank you oolong <3

  4. Kerahna says:

    thanks oolong! and thanks george for updating the post <3

  5. Zuiyon says:

    OMG the secrets of her songs *__*

  6. kizu* says:

    If only there was sapphire too…. but kaze no machi e!!

  7. niyouko says:

    KYYAAAAAA!!! OMG If someone kills me I’ll die happy (crying from happiness rigth now) so much things to see…. I want that book *w*


  8. Lunatique says:

    I want both books…T.T

  9. Renji says:

    Hi, thanks for plublishing this news. I live in Spain, and I really need to buy Easy Piano Solo: Yuki Kajiura Works Collection Vol. 2 , but I don´t know where to buy it or if the web will send it to me, to Spain. I don´t care if the sheet music is in digital format, like pdf, and they send them to me via e-mail or whatever… I only want to buy the sheets. Please, if someone can help me, answer me, I read this new the day it was published and I have tried hardly to obtain the sheets, but no results… and I really need them, because Yuki Kajiura songs are the best I´ve ever listened and I wanna play them in my piano. Thank you very much.

  10. george1234 says:

    Please look at my long comment here , that might help you ^^ Also its most possible that they are going to send you hard copy of the sheet music and not pdf file, if you order.

  11. Renji says:

    Thank you !!! I´m going to look at it and I will try to buy the sheets !!!

  12. Renji says:

    Hi again george1234 !! I have found the book in amazon and HMV, but I have a few questions please. I have never bought in this online shop, do you know the payment methods? I usually use Paypal, is it accepted? The price is… ¥1,890, how much is it in euros or dollars please?

    Smiley thanks you very much for give me the link of HMV, I know a little of japanesse but it is very difficult for me searching in this site, this link is to buy Easy Piano Solo: Yuki Kajiura Works Collection Vol. 2 right?

    And finally this is only the book with sheets or it include the songs played on piano? If not, is there a pack with the songs played, or a cd appart from the book? I would like to buy it too.

    Thank you again !!

  13. Renji says:

    Oh sorry again I forgot to paste the links to confirm that they are Easy Piano Solo: Yuki Kajiura Works Collection Vol. 2. Here they are:



    Can you guide my how to buy in amazon? All is in japanesse and it is so difficult for me. Thanks!

  14. Kerahna says:

    On the item page near the top right there is a link that says “click here to see this page in english”; if you click it you can go through the checkout process and everything in english 🙂

    however i think HMV has cheaper shipping; around $10/book

  15. Renji says:

    Kerahna thank you very much, you are so helpful and your information is very useful, I will try it !

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