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Kalafina – Hikari no Senritsu Preview

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The 30-second CM for Sora no Woto has been released, with a clip of Hikari no Senritsu playing in the background!

Hikari no Senritsu will be released on January 20, and is the opening theme for winter season anime, Sora no Woto. It is Kalafina’s 7th single.

Thanks to gillsa and george1234.

13 responses

  1. Arisa says:

    Wow, this song sounds great ^^

    Thank you very much for sharing it x3

  2. moichispa says:

    it sounds quite good. A relaxing one after progresive

  3. wintersviolet says:

    I like~ ^^

  4. Zuiyon says:

    that’s the Classic Kalafina i would say hhuhu but is sounds so good! =D

  5. hoshikuzu06 says:

    e’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!

  6. lucky_c says:

    One part sounds very reminiscent of an old song of theirs, but it’s nice. 🙂

  7. jt4702 says:

    I love it. I can’t wait for the single to be available.

  8. Pathetique says:

    OMG .. Back to the formal Kalafina .. sounds nice =)
    LoOOOove it .~ <3

  9. Kuya says:

    OMG! Now this one sounds better!
    I was depress about progressive but this new single is totally amazing

  10. Kuya says:

    I also agree with Pathetique, because lately kalafina’s songs doesn’t really sounds like themselves

  11. george1234 says:

    Actaully the only single out of the Kalafina spirit was the progressive single and out of it only the song progressive.

  12. youko says:

    SHIT!!! I can’t see it!!!

    damn this shit of internet!!! really when I get backhome I will make love to my computer.. I will adore it!!! T_T

    I want to see!!!!!!!! BUAAAA!!!! TxT

  13. KJ says:

    Yup, sounds really nice. Actually it also fit so well with the ep1 part of the anime that I wasn’t sure if it was the OP or not.

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