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Progressive Full PV and NHK Live


Kazado found the Progressive PV! I’m not sure if this was ripped from TV, but if I find out that it’s not supposed to be public at this time (e.g. if it’s a DVD rip), I will take the video down.

The single will be released next week, October 28, 2009. Click here for more information.

Kalafina also announced today that they will be performing at NHK 「MUSIC JAPAN」Shinseiki Anisong SP 2. They will appear alongside other anime musicians including ELISA, JAM Project, Ai Nakajima, Hatsune Miku Orchestra, Yui Horie, Nana Mizuki, and May’n. Music Japan will be filmed on November 12, 2009 and broadcasted January 10, 2010.

14 responses

  1. Lyhs says:

    *___________________* sugoiiiiiiiiiiiii ! love keiko ! i mean love them all XD !

  2. guest says:


    music japan will be filmed in november and the broadcast date is january 10th~

  3. Melvin says:

    that”s a TV-rip,
    it was broadcasted on VMC (a music video channel branched from SSTV) on Oct 20 & 21.

    Channel : VMC
    Programme: JUKE JP
    2009/10/20 04:00~06:30
    2009/10/21 22:30~23:00

  4. Zuiyon says:

    thank you for the information! and thank you so much for the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

    Yesss the pianooo, i love that part of the song
    so rocky, especially how it ends! lots of E. guitare may be tireing for the ears if I loop it too much
    Keiko’s solo in the middle of the song is so awsome!!!!!!!! whaaahahaha XD
    OMG, and that PV is awsome too XDD

    I like the camera movements (but maybe it’s a bit too much sometimes) and how the singers move! 8D it’s just so perfect
    so perfect *__*

    and i love the beginning with the hands sequence! It’s exaclyt what I like with the hands movements! xD
    I think the people who don’t know Kalafina may mix up Hikaru and Keiko in the beginning

    Hikaru looks very good in that PV! there are some images she’s really really pretty! makes me want to draw…i’ll draw maybe…because it’s holidays soon for me huhuhu

    Wakana looks to be absent on this PV ;_;

    It’s so weird, they got short hair o__O

    okay let’s watch the PV again again and again wuhhoohoho~
    this PV is simply the best of Kalafina’s even if there are not much different backgrounds, the lights, the colors, the camera’s moves, and the singer’s dance make this PV very interesting! 8D

  5. ZERO says:

    SO COOL!!! they didn’t get short hair, it’s the hairdo that makes it seem so.. except KEIKO, she seems to have it cut. so unfair!!!

  6. Shin says:

    Keiko looks heavenly in that outfit :love:

  7. Reiji says:


    I am so happy that Hikaru can get more face time, though it does make Wakana seem kinda out of place.
    And as usual, Keiko is freakin gorgeous and genuinely AMAZING!

    I soooooo can’t wait to get my hands on the single!

  8. stormy panda says:

    I think this is a TV rip. I know that channel. XD
    Also, it’s Megumi Nakajima (

  9. KUya says:

    The song is good but i can’t believe Wakana didn’t get the lead…. but then she’s prettier in this mv then the other two, i wish they could all be pretty in the mv’s just like the fairy tale mv, than be creepy in most of the videos

  10. yoko says:

    Iloved this song I found it exactly at 12:30 am today late in the night while lookind in Jpopasia .. I just can’t stop heraing them and looking at the video I felt it was a sin to turn off my computer but a I had to go to school at 6 so I went to sleep at 2 just for keep hearing th song.

    I really love kalafina THEY ARE AWESOME!!! and so pretty

  11. Chevalier says:

    All I can say is WOAH!!

    Even though their lolita – style of music was changed into an energetic one, I’d liked to listen it over 100 times!!

    If PROGRESSIVE became an OP or ED of an anime, maybe this suitable to be heard onto various anime series, particularly Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Choice Arc; CLAMP series (Tsubasa Chronicles, xxxholic and Kobato) and so fort!!

    Great job, Kajiura-sensei!!

  12. Indivdualist says:

    I actually thought this song, in terms of music and beat, was pretty unoriginal. This type of action packed music is something I feel I hear alot from artist who have worked with Yuki Kajiura. The video is different but in a good weird way. The song really doesn’t move me at all, maybe when I read the english translation, the song will have more depth, otherwise this “Progressive” sounds like something I’ve heard before…

  13. Rokkun says:

    I agree with “individualist”. “progressive” is not a bad song but doesn’t sound very new. It’s like listening to a mix of some Kajiura old soundtrack songs (which are good) and I find it less original.
    The video looks nice, though. I didn’t like the “storia” and “progressive” singles, and I hope next songs will be more surprising… I’m still a fan of Kajiura and Kalafina (Keiko *_* and the Seventh Heaven album is really great) =)

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