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Happy Birthday, Yuki Kajiura~


As of this posting, it is the evening of August 5 in Japan, and her birthday is hours away. We didn’t set up a big group card this year since we already sent our fill of love notes for the Kalafina book! That’s why I’m making this post, to provide an email link if you wanted to send a message ^_^. Congratulations to Yuki for another year of music, inspiration, jaw-dropping moments and continued evasion of the solo performance XD.

Visit the link below to send your birthday wishes directly to Yuki <3

Did you see last year’s epic card? It’s here.

12 responses

  1. Xamdou says:

    /me bites anyone who doesnt send the birthday message

  2. moichispa says:

    /me shoots Xamdou

  3. Verthand says:

    yay yuki bday gratz to her 😀

  4. echan says:

    happy b’day kajiura yuki!!! ^_^

  5. KONIcchi says:


  6. elcazador says:

    Happy Birthday,YUKI SAMA! \(^o^)/

  7. Fatima AlZaabi says:

    SEND IT .. XD

  8. Zuiyon says:

    wahhh i missed it because I was in Berlin!!!! Dx

    Happy belated birthday YUKI !! I’ll send her a message at least!

  9. Arabesque says:

    Happy b’day Yuki! 😀

  10. Kagaribi says:

    Arghhhhhhhh…….!!!!!!!!!! I missed her birthday during my busy schedule for TOEFL exam preparation on last Friday…..T^T…. Yuki…I love you…hope you have a happy like and make us happy by your song for ever and ever….TT^TT…..

  11. akariyu says:

    WOOHOO!!! happy birthday Yuki!! I wish you all the best!! muah!

  12. junshibuya says:

    I’m late to say Happy Birthday to her ><

    Wish all the best to her

    love from Indonesia^^ + all fans from around the world^^

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