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Kalafina – Sprinter Preview & Cover Image

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Thanks to Kazado for posting this in the forum.

The Kalafina website has released two cover images for the single Sprinter/ARIA. The image on the left is the cover for the first press limited edition.

The slightly different cover for the regular edition has also been released. Click on the image to see a larger version. The girls, from left to right, are Wakana, Hikaru, Maya, and Keiko (thanks to viola!).

In addition, a preview of the song, Sprinter, can be heard on the site, or downloaded here (Thanks again to Kazado!).

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5 responses

  1. Andre` says:

    Their going the gothic lolitta way looks great very mysterious XD

  2. Zuiyon says:

    Waaaaw the covers are so preeettyy ^_^ (because Keiko is gorgeous lol)
    haha Kalafina’s “gothic lolitta” style is preeetty x3
    but I don’t think it’s a real gothic lolitta style x)

    I can’t wait to see the video clip °_°

  3. Ayashii says:

    Lol! Gothloli! XD YES! VIDEO!!! “drools”

  4. Moon-Dash says:

    Patient, patient -says to self-… Two theme songs released at a same time! OMG! I can’t wait ’till the 4th and 5th movies are released!
    -glances at the image- Wow… they look like dolls… this is gonna be a special project with singing dolls -grins- the girls look fabulous in the gothic (or not? ur opinion) outfits.
    And “sprinter” doesn’t seem to be as depressing as the other songs. But that’s just a sample. Let’s wait ’till the lyrics and translation are updated on this site and the meaning will be revealed then. I’m sure all Kalafina’s songs are nice.
    … And that’s it! I ran out of patience! Damn! 2 more weeks to go!

  5. .nodame. says:

    I have this single… and it… is… AWESOME! I bow down to Miss Kajiura

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