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Dream Port Memorial Book Announced

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Thanks to atu for posting this in the forum!

An article on the Anican website describes a Dream Port 2008 Memorial Book [ACAN-8072], published by Anican. Featuring panel-long interviews with Yuki Kajiura and Revo, as well as interviews with YUUKA, KEIKO, WAKANA, Yuriko Kaida, KAORI, YUUKI, REMI, and Jimang. Also included is a “Disc Guide” (Discography listing?) for Yuki and Revo.

The book will retail for 1,470 JPY and is released July 10, 2008.

And…Don’t forget to sign our birthday card for Yuki!

5 responses

  1. george1234 says:

    Sugoi~~~!! So many interviews:D

    I cant wait!
    btw the book costs almost as was costing Oblivious single

  2. Chibi-Chibi says:

    wants…. to… have… it…..
    but nyuuuu i lack money now >.<

    *breaks her piggy*

  3. Zuiyon says:

    >insert Pion’s avatar<

    huuuf I want it I want it

    “breaks her piggy” lol ! x3

  4. Michelle says:

    *covets book too*
    Will Dream Port ever have its own DVD as well?

    By the way, I’ll try plugging the Yuki birthday card on… (surprising no one has mentioned about it there)

  5. Zuiyon says:

    Thanks Michelle : D

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