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Sand Dream + Studio Version of Sajin no Kanata e Previews

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Thanks to grunty for posting this in the forum.

The King Records Sound Horizon page has posted samples of the two songs from Revo and Yuki Kajiura’s upcoming single – Dream Port.

The first track, Sajin no Kanata e is the main theme of Dream Port 2008, and was written by Revo and Yuki, then arranged by Revo. This preview version is the studio recording of the same song that was seen in the 1-minute concert video a few days ago.
Click here to listen

The second track (not yet linked to on the page, but nonetheless accessible with a bit of cheating) is Sand Dream, an instrumental/chorus arrangement by Yuki Kajiura, of the same theme.
Click Here to listen

Revo & Yuki Kajiura – Dream Port
KIZM-15~16 | June 18, 2008
MAXI Single
2 Tracks +DVD

30 responses

  1. Andre` says:

    SEE! Revo is great we all know that.. but ms Kajiura will always beat him and any other composer to come around! Her arangement was amazing compared to his. She shines while he just dimers……XD

  2. george1234 says:

    I agree Andre!!

  3. Don says:

    I’m holding out judgment until I hear both songs in entirety. Samples rarely do justice to the full version. Besides, I prefer Revo for the most part in general. Kajiura, at least in her anime works, is starting to get a bit too samey for me. This is a promising arrangement though.

  4. Zuiyon says:

    Yuki’s works are maybe samey for you, but really unic for me ^__^ they are so godly good <3

    You will see when you will hear both songs entirely. =P

  5. Andre` says:

    OMG………no you did not F******* disrespect Yuki kajiura on a yuki kajiura fansite………. o.o you must be suicidal……………XD

  6. 72seconds says:

    Revo and Kajiura Yuki have very different styles. While Revo’s is more Jpop-ish, Yuki’s is more..erm….dream-like (if you know what I mean). However, even though Revo’s sound may not be as good as Yuki’s, his lyrics are very good…all of his songs has a story in it. So they’re both good in their own ways but Revo will get bashed here predictably because this is a Yuki fansite…

  7. george1234 says:

    I have nothing against Revo, he rocks, his live concerts are so good ( as far as I have seen) and I like the cool way he is both an actor, singer and instrument player in them. His Gunslinger Girl – il teatrino works is really good and perfectly fits with the plot of the anime. Its just that I have had the chance to see his song lyric translations yet and Yuki’d music excites me evenmore

  8. george1234 says:


  9. Kerahna says:

    Revo is awesome, we’re planning to make a fansite for him XD

  10. Noverauss says:

    Well i have been fan of Yuki for 5 years, and known Sound horizon for 3, but personally i think they are complete different styles of music from 2 great composers. Revo’s music has a wide variety of styles and lyrics are deeper and making all those stories gives him more points.

  11. Noverauss says:

    but Kajiura’s music is epic, personally i prefer Kajiura, i listen more to her, since i get bored of listening Sound Horizon after a while.

  12. Noverauss says:

    Oh and personally i think he couldn’t handle a soundtrack, at least ithe ost’s he has made aren’t that good, well they are for hentai games but those games sometimes have bette rsoundtracks.
    Btw here i post some lyrics translation from Sound Horizon:

  13. george1234 says:

    Revo makes soundtrack for hentai anime?!? *jaw is falling*. Ok no problem, I was just surprised ^^; XD

  14. george1234 says:


  15. Noverauss says:

    XD yeah, raspberry and Pastel Kitchen ost, i put pastel kitchen in the Sound Horizon part of the foum. Also Revo masters more instruments than Kajiura (as far as i know she only plays paino and keyboards, right?) but Kajiura is a god in what she does, and Revo is still only a master. She was inspired with opera and classical music, while Revo was inspired with Metallica and RPGs music.

  16. Andre` says:

    Exactly! Thank you Noverauss!

  17. Zuiyon says:

    Revo x Yuki, it’s like “when two powers collide” xD

  18. Andre` says:

    Still say Yuki did most of the work………(the most dominant voice in the song was Keiko which is.. TA DA! wait for it…………… ONE OF HER VOCALIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol )

  19. RLIK says:

    Well, I’ve never heard of Revo composing game osts, except for the openings of Chaos Wars and Belle Isle.
    Bet the raspbery thingy is just a rumour; there are no albums that prefer to those hentai stuff.
    If he did compose those stuff, there won’t be so many fans of his(in my country).
    OK, I admit that I’m a fan of Revo and Sound Horizon, but still I say that Kajiura Yuki can play a musical instrument & sing at the same time, while Revo can’t.
    I have not heard much of Yuki’s, though, and have to think about who’s better at composing.
    Oh, and, are Yuki’s lyrics good?

  20. RLIK says:

    (I’m asking, not bashing Yuki, I also like Yuki)

  21. RLIK says:

    Just found out that Revo DID compose the osts of raspberry and Pastel Kitchen.
    But also found out he had only composed one or two of the tracks for each game ost album…Can’t really see why he should be bashed because of it.
    I’m not a hentai, but still…

  22. george1234 says:

    Yuki in my opinion writes very nice lyrics for her songs. The songs of her that have lyrics that I like the most are: To nowhere, Nowhere, Shinkai no Kodoku, Honoh no Tobira, Akatsuki no Kuruma, Forest., I reach to the Sun. But generally I love all her lyrics, they are full of beautiful images and many of them are deep and have hidden meaning 😀

  23. george1234 says:

    Also Yuki has the speciality of the Kajiuran lyrics which are unique.

  24. 72seconds says:

    Yuki and Revo produce music in different genres, so I don’t think you can compare them in this sense. How do I put this….Yuki’s in the “dream-y” kind, the beautiful soundtrack kind with beautiful lyrics but Revo’s more erm….dark, as in, his songs have a darker meaning, with subjects like death (think: Thanatos), though you probably can’t tell from listening to them because they sound very JPop-ish.
    Both excel in what they do and that’s what matters 🙂
    And I’m a fan of both Sound Horizon and Kajiura Yuki 🙂

  25. Noverauss says:

    Revo did all ost of rapberry except opening, that par was by I’ve Sound, same pastel kitchen, he did tracks 2 to 17, again except the opening, both games from Giga. But whats the problem about him composing for those kind of games, most independent musicians have to make their way making music for h-games, and theres lots of great musicians out there, though they are sometimes forgotten oveshadowed by major composers.

  26. Noverauss says:

    Revo composing those ost’s is just a little unknown to fans, but is true, as Netrunmon the movie ED link, and also the produced by Revo single to j.pop singer Yusuke Mori

  27. Noverauss says:

    Probably i prefer more Yuki Kajiura’s music over Revo’s is cause almost all his music is dark, dramatic, tragic, sad, etc, with only a few exceptions, while Kajiura has music that makes me happy and evokes different kind of feelings.

  28. Same says:

    Revo & Yuki are both two different monsters and a both good at what they do. Revo would die in Yuki’s ocean, while Yuki would do the same in his, but together they can help eachother stay afloat. Both are powerhouses, but it would be a totally different story and experience if they were to be compaired to Yoko Kanno. The only way either of them would be able to compete is together, but seperately neither touch her level, which is sad seeing that both of them are damn good.

  29. Don says:

    Well, having listened to both pieces in entirety, I must say that I really enjoy both of them. The samples didn’t do Revo’s arrangement justice AT ALL. It’s absolutely stunning with excellent violin solos, guitar solos, and piano interludes. Quite beautiful.

    As for Kajiura’s, it is also quite beautiful. I absolutely adore her woodwind work. The chanting is a really nice contrast to the vocals heard in Revo’s. The acoustic guitar is also a nice touch.

    In the end, they come out in equal footing against one another in my opinion. Both have things the other doesn’t and it’s truly a very cohesive single.

    So there. I may have nay-sayed earlier in this comment thread, but I retract my statement because Kajiura’s arrangement is absolutely amazing, but at the same time, I think Revo’s is just as amazing.

  30. Noverauss says:

    After listening to both full versions i realized both are really enjoyable in their own way, love this single.

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