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Revokaji: Dream Port – Sajin no Kanata e Preview!

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the King Records website now has a video available with a preview of the Dream Port theme: Sajin no Kanata e. Click on the image of Revokaji (third from the right) to watch the promo video and hear the song! Thanks yet again to atu for posting this in the forum. The video footage appears to be from one of the three Dream Port concerts.

george1234 has posted the video for download here (flv)
Kazado has ripped the sound here (mp3)

And here is a big sexy photo of Revokaji from the King Records site; the same picture as the autograph card but BIGGER <3

9 responses

  1. Kerahna says:

    I can’t see them clearly but I think the big purple dress on the left is Yuri Kasahara XD

  2. Zuiyon says:

    Ah that’s her hair who make you say that !
    yes same hairstyle x)
    and all those people in 0:03 are part of sound horizon ? 😮

  3. Kerahna says:

    I’m confused because it’s supposed to be Kaori, Yuuki and Remi performing, but I’m pretty sure that girl in the middle is Rikki >_< ;;;;; Yuri, Revo, Kaori, Remi, Yuuki? X_X maybe i suck and can't recognize SH's faces....i just don't remember Remi being so short >_> That is more like Rikki….

  4. atu says:

    The person of a purple dress is Yuri Kasahara.

  5. atu says:

    From the left side
    Yuri, Yuuka, Yuriko, Wakana, Keiko,
    Revo, Kaori, Remi, Yuuki, Jimang, Ike
    It thinks about.

  6. Zuiyon says:

    hmm for recognising them, I think we have to see their manner of holding the microphone xD

    wheee where is Yuki ? °o°

    I think we can see kaori and remi

  7. atu says:

    I thought so by seeing a live image.

    By the way,
    Yuki was behind Yuuka and Yuriko.

  8. miele says:

    where’s RIKKI?

  9. Kerahna says:

    RIKKI did not go to this concert >_< only remi, kaori, and yuuki

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