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Kalafina – ARIA Preview, Members Revealed

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Thanks to Neo for posting this news in the shoutbox!

The Kalafina website has updated, with un-darkened photos of the two new members, and plays a short preview clip of ARIA, the ending theme for the 4th Kara no Kyoukai film: Garan no Dou. Mouseovers of the members show full unveiled photos. The site has also added a link to the Kalafina blog, where it is revealed that in addition to the first two members (Wakana Ootaki and Keiko Kubota, FictionJunction vocalists), there are two newly discovered vocalists named Maya and Hikaru, chosen from auditions with over 30,000 aspiring singers.

Visit the Kalafina website to hear ARIA.

8 responses

  1. Zuiyon says:

    WOAW !! two new faces and a new bloooog x)
    (we were all wrong xD)
    Sooo kalafina : two really new vocalists and two who had already worked with Yuki…
    I wonder how they will organise for choosing which singer to sing which song x)
    hmmm on the sample we just can hear one of them >_<

  2. george1234 says:

    I write in the forum:

    I think that since Yuki used Wakana and Keiko for the 3 first movies , she will now use the other 2 (Maya and Hikaru) for the movies 4, 5 and 6 and for the 7th movie she will use all for of them

  3. Ayashii says:

    That would make sense 🙂

  4. Chibi-Chibi says:

    i think that Kajiura wrote about this audition long time ago so having new members was quite obvious, its just that most of us were confused as the first vocals she used where Wakana and Keiko (vocals we already know).

    BTW you ppl are crazy attacking Kalafinas blog .. lulz XD

  5. george1234 says:

    Yeah, that release an attack , an invation,. People of sony will be surprised by seeing those post, OMG they act as if they talk in cpm forum (especially Ayashii) for god’s sake Ayashii hold yourself and dont post so extraordinary things like “Yuki – Megami”. This is supposed to be a joke among us, not to say it in public.

  6. george1234 says:

    really is*

  7. Zuiyon says:

    Hey yea you all are crazy people XD
    I was so surprised when I saw you have posted on the blog xD

  8. Michelle says:

    Kara no Kyoukai DVD booklet says the second Kalafina single – containing “ARIA” and the fifth theme – comes out in July. “ARIA” will be released on Chaku-Uta this week, yay~

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