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Revo x Yuki Kajiura Interview Part 1

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As we mentioned earlier, a series of interviews will be posted on, starting today. The first 40-second portion of the interview has been released and can be viewed on the site or below:

The first part is Revo talking about his impression of Yuki Kajiura, and the second part is Yuki’s impression of Revo. Rough translations below (I am hoping to get a more detailed version later).

[Text: Impressions of each other: Revo -> Kajiura]
Revo: She’s a laid back girl, though I thought she was going to be more serious.
[Text: Impressions of each other: Kajiura -> Revo]
Yuki: He’s childish, and kind of selfish….like a king.
[Text: like a king?]

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  1. Andre` says:

    SHES SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  2. KONIcchi says:

    I REALLY like her!!!! Q(>___<)Q

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