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More Revo x Yuki Kajiura Interview!

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Thanks a lot to atu for posting this in the forum!
An almost 6-minute long interview with Revo and Yuki Kajiura regarding their Dream Port 2008 collaboration has been posted on King Records’s website. Click the link to stream (.asx player, requires IE 6+) from King Records, or watch it below.

If anyone is able/willing to translate (or know someone who does), please help us out!

By the way, I’ve also uploaded the English interview from the MADLAX OST 1 booklet and the Aquarian Age liner notes, in case anyone was interested ^_^.

2 responses

  1. Zuiyon says:

    yay the interview !
    they laugh a lot, but I understand nothing T_T

    Yuki is so cute >_< with her hairstyle, little earings and everything
    I love her hairstyle O__O
    wah revo has black on his fingernails xD

  2. Andre` says:

    lmao everything you said i was thinking………..XD

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