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Dream Port 2008 Title and Video Interview Announcement

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The Sound Horizon website has announced the title of the Dream Port 2008 Maxi Single KIZM-15~16, a collaboration between Revo and Yuki Kajiura to be released on June 18, 2008. The song, 砂塵の彼方へ (Sajin no Kanata e) which translates roughly to “Beyond the Sand Clouds”, will also be on the DVD. The CD will also contain an arranged version of the song, which seems to be the Main Theme of Dream Port 2008.

In addition, it has been announced that starting this Friday (April 18, 2008), video interviews with Revo and Yuki will be posted on the Dream Port 2008 website, and we are instructed to not miss out on it!

Unfortunately the interview will probably be in Japanese, and we will all miss out on it, so if anyone reading this is able to help translate and is willing to volunteer, please please please let us know! 6.19% of all visits to this site are from Japan, so I know you’re out there!!

If you scroll down a bit on Sound Horizon’s news page, you’ll also see a series of stickers that will be given out as a free gift when you purchase the CD, and they differ from store to store. (Does that mean if we want them all, we have to buy a CD from each store? XD

5 responses

  1. george1234 says:

    Great news! I hope that these video interviews will be viewable if we visit the site. The Sound Horizon new website looks great ( the old one was a bit out of date). Nice stickers, but its to meanny to sell each one of them with each of the CDs. Hopefully they have them in the site and we can download the images and print them XD

  2. Kerahna says:

    they are all on the Sound Horizon site, and you can print them onto sticker paper and pretend that you bought the CD ^^;

    ahhhh we are so obsessive ._.

  3. Zuiyon says:

    lol easy to do ~.~ print them all muahahaha !

    “6.19% of all visits to this site are from Japan, so I know you’re out there!!” rofl !
    I wish it’ll work >_<

  4. Terrik says:

    anyone knows the song that kajiura-san’s playing (when you watch the video, after the sound horizon performance)? i really want that song *_*

  5. Terrik says:

    haha scratch my previous comment, i literally found the song like, 5 seconds after i asked

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