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Revo x Yuki Kajiura Maxi Release Details

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After teasing us for a week, Revo has posted on his site a link to the new Dream Port 2008 website. The single will be bundled with a DVD. At the moment it seems that the CD will contain one song: Main Theme of Dream Port 2008, and an arranged version of it, and the DVD will contain the live performance version of that song. I think it would be such a waste if they put only one song on a DVD…they should give us more XD Besides, the definition of “Maxi Single” is a single with more than two songs! Hopefully there will be more announced ^_^ Thanks again to J. Uzuki.

Release: June 18, 2008

Catalog: KIZM-15~16 / Maxi Single + DVD

Price: 1,800 JPY (tax included)

Hehee the photo is so cute XDDDDD I don’t understand why Revo has no votes in that poll on the left XD
They spelled FJ wrong on the profile page… it says “Foction Junction” ._.

On Yuki’s blog, she talks a bit about the artwork on the Dream Port 2008 site. The girl is supposed to be Yuki Kajiura, and the boy is Revo. You can see Yuki playing the piano on the panel on the right ^_^

6 responses

  1. george1234 says:

    Who the person at the left?

  2. asonta says:

    I think it’s Revo

  3. Zuiyon says:

    It is !!!! that’s not a question !!! waaaaw I want the dvdddddd >___<

  4. Kerahna says:

    You idiots, the person on the LEFT is Yuki Kajiura XD

  5. george1234 says:

    Are you sure? she looks completely different

  6. Zuiyon says:

    aaaah yes !!! xD
    If you are talking about the woman, sure it is Yuki !!!!!!!!!!! O___O omg It is so evident that I was thinking that you were talking about the man <__<

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