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Oblivious Release, and Yuki LIVE!!

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In a new blog post Yuki reminds us all that the Oblivious single is out today! (And Zuiyon did a neat fanart for the occasion.) 🙂

Also, Yuki Kajiura is scheduled for some live shows this spring! 😀

The first performance is
Saturday, April 5, at Shibuya O-West – (Time TBA)

Then, two more concerts in collaboration with Sound Horizon, titled “Revo(Sound Horizon)&梶浦由記 Presents『Dream Port 2008』”, or just “Dream Port 2008”:

Tuesday, April 29 at Kobe World Memorial Hall – 17:00
Tuesday, May 6 at Pacifico Convention Center in Yokohama – 17:00

Times are of course in Japan time, and doors open 1 hour before the concerts begin (16:00)

And it seems that FictionJunction something will be involved :3

[EDIT Jan. 30 2008] Yuki just confirmed in her blog that it will be FJY

4 responses

  1. george1234 says:

    GREAT NEWS!!! I Hope that someone will cover the events with his camera again. But it will be even better if he books a seat closer to the scene so we will be able to hear clearer what Yuki says.
    How are we going to get the album? From Nipponsei?

  2. george1234 says:

    What TBA stands for?

  3. Kerahna says:

    TBA means “to be announced”; they haven’t decided on the exact time for Yuki’s performance yet

  4. zuiyon says:

    Ah ! you put the link to my drawing ! nice from you ^^
    FictionJunction !? hoho interesting ! Will it be with a new singer ?
    Have you seen this part of Kalafina’s website ?

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