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The first episode of Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations has been released, which means we get to hear Synchronicity! If you’ve forgotten it’s Yuki Kajiura’s new song written for Yui Makino, the voice of Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle. The single doesnt come out for a few days, but you can download the TV-size rip now and listen to the godly work of Yuki and Yui and I’m going to assume that’s Yuriko singing the chorus at the beginning 🙂 HINT: ITS VERY VERY GOOD.

Download: Yui Makino – Synchronicity TV Size Rip – 1.3MB —

Yuki must be having fun with the kangaroos right now XD
GO PREORDER THE CD: Amazon (¥1,050)

[EDIT Nov 24 2007]: the CD is out now, and the background vocal is Kaori Nishina, not Yuriko Kaida ^^;

5 responses

  1. naoise says:

    This song is so great! I wonder how the B-sides are!

  2. Kerahna says:

    The B-side is a new version of Amrita

  3. george1234 says:

    Do you know which funsubb group subs “Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations”

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