Welcome to September 2008

July 3rd, 2009

thanks to moichispa for this lovely banner!

As you may have noticed, our site was completely wiped after our host was hacked, and weekly backups were lost as well as they were stored on the same server for some reason. As a result, our forum has been restored to September 13, 2008. I’m sorry beyond imagination for all the lost posts and accounts ;_; and I sincerely hope you’ll all continue to stick around and we can rebuild our awesome community! I’ve made so many wonderful friends and met so many amazing people here, as I’m sure you have too 🙂 I love you all~ <3
Members that joined after that date will have to re-register >_< I am so sorry!
Thank you to everyone for your undying enthusiasm and support ~
A warm welcome to all new members! You’ll enjoy it here, I promise <3 Please feel free to post as much as you can to get things back on track! The main site content has also time-travelled to its September 2008 state, though we (Kerahna, Badmin, george1234, and Sudrien) are hard at work restoring all the news posts and site content that has been created since then. If anyone has any specific requests in regards to which sections or specific pages they’d like prioritized, please leave a comment or a shout!

Let’s make it through this together~ <3

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