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Storia PV Clip + Pandora Hearts cover

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Sony has posted a video clip of the Storia PV, which was shot in May. The 40-second video also contains a bit of the song that wasn’t heard in the previously released sound clip. The full video will be available on the DVD packaged with the limited edition of Kalafina’s single, set for release July 1, 2009.
Click here to view it.

Also released recently is the cover and tracklist for Pandora Hearts OST 1.

Pandora Hearts Original Soundtrack 1
VTCL-60120 | July 8, 2009
26 Tracks

Aaand one more announcement: thanks to the hard work of george1234 and the nagging encouragement of various forum members, we now have a page dedicated to official published sheet music by Yuki Kajiura, which can be viewed here.

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