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New Kalafina Maxi Single + Other Updates

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A Kalafina single has just been announced for release this July; we dont know the title yet, but well update the discography as soon as we find out. The single will contain music composed by Yuki Kajiura from NHKs Rekishi Hiwa Historia.

New Kalafina Maxi Single

  1. Untitled Image Song of Rekishi Hiwa Historia
  2. ???
  3. Untitled Theme Song of Rekishi Hiwa Historia

Release Date: July 1, 2009

Catalogue Number: SECL-788 (regular), SECL-786~7 (Limited Edition +DVD)

There have also been a couple release dates announced recently:

Pandora Hearts OST 1: June 24, 2009

Kara no Kyoukai Boukyaku Rokuon LE DVD + OST: July 29, 2009

Finally, the scrapbook for Kalafina is finished and submitted to the printers. Thanks to everyone who sent in a message!

You can view the 100-page book here

[EDIT] Sony has just officially posted that Maya will no longer be participating in Kalafina. We wish her all the best in her future career :)

[EDIT 2] After removing mention of Rekishi Hiwa Historia from the singles info page, Sony has released the title of the new Kalafina single to be storia, and the new tracklist:

  1. storia
  2. lilica
  3. storia (instrumental)

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