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Yuki Kajiura composing for Rekishi Hiwa Historia

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Yuki Kajiura has posted that she will be composing for the NHK TV series – Rekishi Hiwa Historia (歴史秘話ヒストリア)- to begin airing on April 8, 2009.

A history variety show, Rekishi Hiwa Historia was made by NHK Osaka and aired for one episode last July, where the .hack track, “in the land of twilight,under the moon“, was used as theme music. Starting in April, this show will become a regular TV series featuring a complete soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura.

No information yet on potential CD soundtrack releases.

Thanks to Kazado for the news, and Yumi for the background information!

[EDIT] I forgot to mention a few tidbits: details on the Parallel Hearts single have been released, and also the Yuki Kajiura LIVE Vol. #4 concert has been expanded to an Everlasting Songs Tour, across three Japanese cities in July. There will also be an exclusive Fan Club event held in May.

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