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Everlasting Songs and Natural Samples

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As we enter the 1-week countdown to the release of FictionJunctions Everlasting Songs and Kaori Hikitas Natural albums, samples of every track has been released by their respective publishers. Some are new, some are old :) Both albums will be released on February 25, 2009.

[Click on the track title to play the samples!]

FJ Everlasting Songs

  1. Hoshikuzu
  2. Kioku no Mori
  3. dream scape
  4. Gin no Hashi
  5. Kaze no Machi he
  6. here we stand in the morning dew
  7. synchronicity
  8. Hanamori no Oka
  9. Mizu no Akashi
  10. cazador del amor
  11. Himitsu
  12. Houseki
  13. Yume no Tsubasa
  14. Michiyuki
  15. everlasting song

Kaori Hikita Natural

  1. Egao no Wake
  2. Namae no Nai Michi
  3. Te no Naka no Eien
  4. Michiyuki
  5. HNT!
  6. Tsuki no Curse
  7. Kuchibue no Waltz
  8. You will find your HERO
  9. Negai

Thanks to Yumi and Maxwell9 for posting these in the forum!

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