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Kaori Hikita Album Announced

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Vocalist Kaori Hikita will be releasing her first album, titled “natural“, on February 25, 2009. It will contain all three songs from previous collaborations with Yuki Kajiura: Michiyuki (Loveless ED), Egao no Wake (Shounen Onmyouji OP), and Namae no Nai Michi (Amatsuki ED).

In addition, there will be a Kaori Hikita version of Tsuki no Curse: the Loveless OP composed by Yuki, but originally performed by Okina Reika. Five other tracks including two new songs will also be on the album. Let’s hope that Yuki is involved in at least one of the new ones ^_^.

Artist: Kaori Hikita
Title: natural
Catalog Number: FCCV-0027
Release: February 25, 2009
MSRP: 2625 JPY

Visit the Frontier Works page for more info.

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