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Yuki Kajiura in Tsubasa Chronicle OAD

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[EDIT: October 23] The name on the credit has now been changed to Yuki Kajiura, so half of the rest of this post is kind of pointless now ^^; but we can still hope for some new music~

Thanks to tsubasa for posting this in the forum.

The Kodansha website has released information on two upcoming Tsubasa Chronicle OAD – two animated episodes of an arc titled Shunraiki, to be bundled with Tsubasa Chronicle manga volumes 27 and 28. FictionJunction YUUKA has been listed as the music staff for the project.

The two volumes are set for release on January 19, 2009, and April 17, 2009, at a retail price of 3,700 JPY each.

However, it is unknown whether the music in OAD will be new compositions. It is unusual that FJY would be listed as the entire music staff, while in the past it had been Yuki Kajiura. In the previous OVA (Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations), there was a small amount of new music mixed in with old, so we hope this time there will be at least a bit of new material, and maybe even a new song or two with Yuuka :) .

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