Fate/Stay Night UBW BD Box I to include Kajiura Yuki arrangements!

November 3rd, 2014

YK guest composer

The Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works website has updated with details about the first Blu-ray Box! It will have as bonus CD the Original Soundtrack 1, which is mainly composed by Fukasawa Hideyuki, but it will include some arrangements of Yuki Kajiura Fate/Zero tracks, who has been menthioned as guest composer in 3 episodes so far :)

The Box will have 6 Discs in total: 5 BDs with episodes #0 – #13 –  including unaired  material (possibly cutscenes) – , and the soundtrack CD.

Title: Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works] Blu-ray Disc Box I
Release Date: March 25, 2015
Price:39,000 Yen (tax included)
Product Code:ANZX-11631~11637

External Bonus:

  • Soundtrack CD (main composer: Fukasawa Hideyuki, guest composer: Yuki Kajiura)
  • Newly written Kinoko Nasu novel, Illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi
  • BD Box drawn by Takashi Takeuchi
  • special digipak
  • special booklet of about 50 pages with valuable production materials

Inside-BD bonus:

  • Trailer Collection (various promotional video)
  • TV SPOT collection (all characters CMs · BD Box announcement CM)
  • Non-credit Opening
  • Non-credit Ending

Kalafina “believe” postcards!!

October 10th, 2014

Oricon.jp updated today with the beautiful postcards that will be available, depending on which store you buy the Kalafina “believe” single. The order is [Click picture to Enlarge]:

Animate > Gamers
Sofmap > Toranoana
HMV, CDJapan, other shops

In other news, we’ve learned thanks to the Yamaha website (Publisher), that the Kalafina “The Best Red/Blue” Piano solo sheet music books release on October 25, 2014, not on November or other dates.

Kalafina – Piano Solo The Best Blue
ISBN 9784636910568 | October 25, 2014
Sheet Music
15 Track on ?? Pages
Kalafina – Piano Solo The Best Red
ISBN 9784636910551 | October 25, 2014
Sheet Music
15 Track on ?? Pages

thanks to elcazador and a-chan!

New SAO II CM with new music!

October 4th, 2014

A new CM for Sword Art Online II is out! It features a 15-sec long sample of a new Swordland arrrangement :)

Furthermore, the Sword Art Online official website has updated (1, 2) with news about what’s to follow.

Firstly, a compilation episode of the GGO arc  No. 14.5  called “Debriefing” will air next week. It will also have preview of “Calibur”.

Secondly, the remaining episodes 15 – 24  with cover the Calibur and Mother Rosario parts of the novel. One of the side-stories of Volume 8 is called “Calibur” and its about Kirito’s company searching for the “Excalibur” sword. It is a side story of the ALO arc. Volume 7, “Mother Rosario”, is about Asuna meeting and dueling against a secretive avatar named Zekken for an Original Sword Skill.

Haruka Tomatsu is responsible for the OP theme and LiSA for the ED theme.

Kalafina’s “Believe” single coverarts (and tracklists) out!

September 30th, 2014

The Kalafina official blog has updated with the coverarts for the upcoming single believe, featured as Ending Theme of Fate/Stay Night anime! Check our previous newspost for preorder information.

Kalafina – believe
SECL1616 (Reg) SECL1612~3 (LE+DVD) SECL1614~5 (LE+BD) SECL1617~8 (AnE) | November 19, 2014
Single (Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works anime ED)
4 Tracks

[Click to Enlarge]
Reg Ed. | Lim DVD Ed. |
Lim BD Ed. | Ani Ed.

The Fate/Stay Night anime will start airing on October 4th, 2014 (at midnight), and its first 2 episodes (Episode 0 and Episode 1) will durate 1 hour each. Episode 0 will air on October 4, while Episode 1 on October 11. See here for simulcast and streaming information.

thanks to elcazador for the news!

[EDIT 4/10/2014]
Tower Record.jp has updated (1, 2, 3, 4) with the tracklists for the single!! The regular and the 2 Limited Editions have common CD tracklist, while the Anime Edition tracklist is not yet revealed fully.

Tracklist (RE, LE A, LE B)

[Pre-order RE] [Pre-order LE A] [Pre-order LE B] from CD Japan

  1. believe (04:49)
  2. in every nothing (04:36)
  3. lapis (03:47)
  4. believe ~instrumental~ (04:49)

Tracklist (Anime Edition)

[Pre-order] from CD Japan

  1. believe (04:49)
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. believe ~instrumental~ (04:49)

Limited Edition BD/DVD

  1. Believe PV

Anime Edition DVD

  1. Fate/Stay Night video clip

Y.Kajiura twitter event for FJ Blu-ray & FJClub members-only Lives

September 26th, 2014

Yuki Kajiura has announced a twitter event to commemorate the release of:

Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#11 elemental Tour 2014 2014.04.20 @ NHK Hall + Making off
VTXL-21 | September 24, 2014
24 Tracks
[Pre-order] from CD Japan

The events is scheduled for October 5, 2014, 20:00 Japan time.

Event title: Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol. # 11 elemental Tour 2014.4.20@NHK Hall
+ Making of elemental Tour 2014 (Blu-ray video) ~ Lets view it together on twitter!
Date/Time: October 5, 2014, 20:00 Japan time, on 22:30 starts the Making-off. *
Hashtag: #YKET14 .
Send twits to: @FJukatsu [Yuki Kajiura’s accounts: @Fion0806, @FJukatsu ]

Directions: You should press “Play” on 20:00 for the main live discussion, and on 22:00 for the Making of. Yuki Kajiura is also replying to messages written in english, but in japanese.
Disclaimer: The event is carried out only by Yuki Kajiura and no vocalist, musician or other staff is involved, and is also unrelated with the recording labels.

Note:* This BD contains a Making of video. However a much longer one (100 hours long) is inside a separate DVD sent to those who send to Flying Dog by mail some application form found inside Yuuka’s and FJ’s Vol#11 Blu-rays. The offer is not available to fans outside Japan so if you want it you need to ask some friend in Japan to help you. Also, they accept flyers till Octomber 31.
Kajiura will probably cover only the “short” version of it.

In other news, 2 new FictionJunction Club Members-only Lives have been announced ! This time there will be 1 live for Kalafina and one for FictionJunction. It is stated that the Kalafina live will be the 7th anniversary of them.

Title: FictionJunction CLUB members only Kalafina 7th Anniversary LIVE 2015
Artist: Kalafina
Date: January 23, 2015 (Friday)
Doors open/show starts: 18:15 / 19:00
Arrangement: Standing
Tickets: ¥ 5,700 (tax included), separate price for drinks

Title: FictionJunction CLUB Members Only New Year Special LIVE 2015
Date: January 31, 2015 (Saturday)
Doors open/show starts: 16:15 / 17:00
Arrangement: Standing
Tickets: ¥ 5,500 (tax included), separate price for drinks
Musicians: Guitar: Korenaga Koichi, Drums: Sato Kyoichi, Bass: Takahashi “Jr.” Tomoharu, Violin: Hitoshi Konno, Manipulator: Ohira Yoshio

Thanks to Kugayama for the FJC news!

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